Kyle Fuller Talks About His "Crazy Experience" in Re-Signing with the Bears

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Kyle Fuller Talks About His “Crazy Experience” in Re-Signing with the Bears

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What was your favorite moment of the Kyle Fuller Era in Green Bay? For me, it was when it ended … which was almost immediately (or before it even started?).

And judging by Fuller’s words, he seemed to be pleased with how things ended quickly: “It was a crazy time, a crazy experience,” Fuller said regarding the process, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was almost like [as soon as the Packers’ offer was official], it was a done deal and matched. I just went with the flow of everything. I wasn’t able to think too much about it.”

Let’s circle back to Friday evening when the Packers signed Fuller to an offer sheet, which put the Bears in a position to match within five days or risk losing their top corner to a division rival (who had a need at the position, mind you) without getting anything in terms of compensation. Given that the Bears and the defensive coaching staff liked Fuller, the team was always expected to match any offer sheet given to the former first-round pick. But rather than create some artificial drama and make Green Bay sweat it out, Chicago’s front office made a statement by immediately matching the offer within hours.


It turns out to be a smooth move by the Bears’ brass in an offseason in which the team attacked its biggest needs aggressively, ans successfully. Because rather than allowing any sense of doubt creep into Fuller’s head regarding the team’s intentions, the Bears made it clear that he was their guy and they were happy to get a deal done. That Chicago didn’t have to do any of the grunt work regarding contract negotiations was icing on the cake.

Boom! All is well that ends well.

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