Matt Nagy Says Bears Will Work as a Team Regarding NFL's New Anthem Policy

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Matt Nagy Says Bears Will Work as a Team Regarding NFL’s New Anthem Policy

Chicago Bears

When the NFL officially made its announcement regarding the new national anthem policy, the Chicago Bears were practicing, so you could understand why Matt Nagy was hesitant to give lengthy, detailed answers to a situation he wasn’t completely aware of at the time it was brought up.

But still, he did comment on the rules and that feels worthy of discussion.

So, here we go. When asked about his thoughts on the new policy, the first-year head coach explained that he had heard some of what was going around, but because nothing was finalized, he wasn’t able to think much about it. Fair enough. All things considered, Nagy is taking a smart approach by buying some time to read up on the rule before reacting to it.

“From knowing some of the things they’re discussing, we’ll go back and look at the rules. I honestly don’t know exactly what they are yet, but from what I’ve heard, for us as a team, it’ll be we’ll do it together, we’ll talk it through,” Nagy said. “We’ll communicate it, we’ll talk it out, and we’ll make sure we’re listening to everybody and trying to do the right thing as much as we can. I know it’s a touchy subject, but I feel confident that we’ll do it together.”

When presented the stipulations of the rule by a reporter and asked if it was a compromise, Nagy didn’t seem to have an answer. And, again, he had just mentioned about how he hadn’t had much time to think about it. “This is one of those deals where I’ll be able to sit back and think this through more, as far as once you know what the rules are. I’m not there yet, but I will get there, and we’ll do what’s right.”

An underlying theme in Nagy’s answer is that the policy will be discussed as a team.

“At some point, we’ll get together. It’s too important not to, and I feel very confident that we’ll all do it together.”

Response has varied around the NFL and because of how the league handled the situation, it’s not leaving headlines soon. In the end, it’s refreshing that the Bears coach is taking a level-headed approach to a topic he described as a “touchy subject.”

Michael: I would have liked to see a little stronger opinion from Nagy, even if I can understand his reluctance (genuinely, that can be a very tough thing to do, especially on such a serious subject). With that said, I am happy with his stance on deciding things as a team. That feels like the right call and the best way to not allow this issue to disproportionately affect some players more than others in terms of not being heard (though that might just be unescapable on a broader level). At a minimum, it sounds like Nagy, his staff, and his roster will be willing to hear everyone and anyone out. And at this point, that might be the best we can hope for. 

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