Bears Draft "Skeletor," Making Sense of Snubs, Trubisky's Advice, and Other Bullets

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Bears Draft “Skeletor,” Making Sense of Snubs, Trubisky’s Advice, and Other Bullets

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While we’ve come to know Joel Iyiegbuniwe as “Iggy” in the days, weeks, and months after the draft, Terry Obee – who works in sports management at Western Kentucky – dropped a much cooler nickname for the rookie linebacker.

“We kind of named him ‘Skeletor’ because of his body,” Obee explained during the second installment of the Bears’ “Meet the Rookies” series. “He’s got muscles everywhere, and he gives a lot of effort, especially playing linebacker because he makes a lot of plays. I think he just has huge upside.”

Skeletor is best known as a muscle-bound cartoon villain, but if you’re a younger reader, you probably recognize him from his cameo in a recent Geico commercial. And if he turns out to be a villain on the gridiron in the eyes of the Packers, Vikings, and Lions, then the Bears will have found a good one.

For more, you’ll want to check out the latest:

  • Remember, Iyiegbuniwe was one of the more controversial picks of this class of Bears prospects. He didn’t necessarily fit what the team needed, but there was still a lot to like about the player – and we said that much in our post-draft write-up. But in the days that followed, a Bears scout explained why he thinks “Skeletor” has a limitless ceiling and one draft analyst expressed a belief was worthy of a second-round pick. Maybe the Bears found something here?
  • John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago tries to find meaning behind the Bears being shut out from the NFL Network’s Top 100. If anything, I suppose it stings that the player-voted list shows that opponents don’t have much respect for guys on the Bears’ roster or are simply out of the loop. Being in the top-100 puts you in the top 5 percent of the league. And while it’s just a list, it would be neat to see a few Bears crack it next year.
  • How many positions will Tarik Cohen qualify for when next year’s top-100 comes out? The second-year back continues to note that Matt Nagy is playing him everywhere during practices, according to Chris Wesseling of This can only bode well for a team that can use as much offensive firepower as it can get.
  • Meanwhile, the Bears continue to fly under the radar. However, it will be difficult for that to continue if we continue to talk about them as a surprise team for 2018:

  • Of course, the Bears could still add to their talent base. Matt Eurich of 247 Sports explains how the team can find additional talent and a potential diamond in the rough in the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft. We recently highlighted defensive backs who the Bears could have their eyes on when the draft takes place in July.
  • Trey Burton really does fit the bill as an under-the-radar type who could be a surprise contributor this season. Over at 670 the Score, Greg Gabriel breaks down the tight end position and notes that the group will have additional attention thrown its way because of how the new offense figures to be constructed.
  • Mitch Trubisky spoke at a central Illinois prep sports gala in Peoria, and dropped some advice athletes of all ages should take to heart: “I would tell everyone here to enjoy the process, embrace your role, and do it the best you can.” Trubisky being just six years older than some of the athletes on hand and still dropping knowledge like that says a ton about his maturity level.
  • It’s felt good to follow the Bears do some quality work in the community, so I’m glad to see the Bears joining the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox in a collective effort to use their resources for good.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.