Mitch Trubisky Speaks: Culture Change, King James, Excitement for the Future, More

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Mitch Trubisky Speaks: Culture Change, King James, Excitement for the Future, More

Chicago Bears

With LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s officially football season for Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky made the media rounds recently, so let’s round up some highlights.

  • Anointed as the chosen one (as far as franchise quarterbacks is concerned), Trubisky is the face of the Bears moving forward. He will be at the forefront of the change that will occur as the team moves away from the Jay Cutler and John Fox eras. In an exclusive interview with Bears Wire, Trubisky discussed the culture change that is happening with the influx of new players. “They’ve been great players on the field, but they’re awesome people in the locker room to have. Just the culture and chemistry we have in our locker room, we’re definitely closer than last year and than we have been in the past.”
  • Like any strong leader, Trubisky has a long memory and unique motivating factors. In an interview with the Bernstein and McKnight Show on 670 The Score, Trubisky made it clear that he is keeping mental notes on what has been said about him in the past. “Everybody’s got their outside opinions. I’ve already been written off and called a bunch of things in the past just from one year. But I know what I’m capable of, and I know the pieces that we have in our locker room, what Coach Nagy has brought to the Chicago Bears. I’m looking forward to the season.”
  • You’re excited? Well, that makes two of us:

  • The hope is that Trubisky can make the kind of second-year leap that Carson Wentz and Jared Goff made last season. One thing Trubisky has going for him that Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes don’t have is a significant amount of starting experience to fall back on from his rookie season. No, it wasn’t all good. But here’s hoping Trubisky learning the ropes and getting a grasp of the basics as a rookie did more good than bad in terms of his overall development. Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk has more quotes from Trubisky’s SiriusXM NFL Radio visit, in which the Bears quarterback expresses a belief that the things he learned as a rookie could turn out to be helpful. “I definitely learned a lot about how you have to handle yourself as an NFL quarterback and being prepared on a week-to-week basis and just being the leader my team needs,” Trubisky said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Williams and PFT. “I’ve learned a lot over the last year, and I’m looking forward to using all that information and continue to learn and get better for the future.”
  • This is what I would call damning with faint praise:

  • Things I love seeing: Trubisky meeting with some young local aspiring football players and passing down some sage advice about hydrating in the heat:

  • Another lesson worth learning: Always make good on your promises. That’s what LeBron James did when he left the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he would lift the team to new heights and win its first ever NBA title. Having accomplished that, James is moving on to bigger (though, I’m not convinced they’re better) things with the Los Angeles Lakers. As a fan, I know it’s tough to see your favorite player leave in free agency. However, Trubisky seems to have taken it in stride. “It’s tough. The city of Cleveland took a hit,” Trubisky said at a Gatorade-sponsored appearance in Naperville, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s a personal decision … and I’m just excited about the Bears right now. We’re ready to go.”
  • And with that, we’re on to football season.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.