Nagy Sets Super Bowl Standards, Gabriel Tired of Being Underrated, QB Reliability, Cutler, Cohen, and Other Bullets

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Nagy Sets Super Bowl Standards, Gabriel Tired of Being Underrated, QB Reliability, Cutler, Cohen, and Other Bullets

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If you’re reading this, I’m probably on the road again. This time it’s off to Green Bay for a(nother) wedding. I suppose we’ll get a good idea of what the land of cheese is all about during the summer months.

  • In a few months, the Bears will be taking their talents north of the border to take on their long-standing rivals. Just don’t expect Aaron Jones to show up. The Packers running back was suspended two games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. That means Jones will miss the Bears-Packers season opener on Sunday Night Football. That’s a bummer for Jones, who averaged 5.5 yards per carry as a rookie and flashed the potential to be a lead back for Green Bay.
  • Moreover, the timing is certainly awkward for Jones, who recently told the team’s official website he was bigger and stronger than what he was last season. But at least he owned it:

  • With that in mind, maybe it’s fitting that the Bears’ road to redemption in 2018 starts in Green Bay. Matt Nagy certainly is putting all his cards on the table, telling Jeff Young of that the team has some great expectations moving forward. “We’re all in this to win the Super Bowl,” Nagy said. “But there’s blocks you need to step on, to get to the next block and the next block and the next block. That’s kind of where we’re at, but in the end, it all comes down to wins and losses.”
  • It’s certainly difficult to have that frame of mind when you were where the Bears were the last three years. But after the tear down that took place during the John Fox era, Nagy gets to oversee the building phase that will hopefully lead to a stretch of competitive football.
  • Erik Lambert of Fansided’s NFLMocks points out that Bears quarterbacks haven’t been the most reliable over the years. Lambert notes that the Bears have had their starting quarterback make it healthy through an entire season just eight times since 1970 – or in just 17 percent of the seasons since the NFL merger. That’s an alarming number that helps explain why the team has never found consistency at the position. Here’s hoping Trubisky’s showing on SNF helps start a much-needed iron-man streak.
  • Speaking of Bears quarterbacks who couldn’t make it through a season healthy:

  • To be fair, it’s not as if Cutler was trying to miss time. If you watched his career closely, you’ll remember the times he was hit and you wondered how he continued to play on despite not having much help from his offensive line. Ideally, the group the Bears have assembled this year (and will piece together moving forward) will keep Trubisky upright more often than not.
  • One thing that could help ease the pressure off Trubisky is having Cohen replicate his rookie season where he was often a threat to breakaway from defenders when he had the ball:

  • Out wide, new receiver Taylor Gabriel appears ready to roll as he let it be known he was tired of being underrated and overlooked:

  • Based on how Matt Nagy used his speed guys in Kansas City, it’s fair to suggest that Gabriel will certainly get his fair share of opportunities. How he goes about making the most of them will be worth keeping an eye on.
  • Up front, Greg Gabriel breaks down the Bears’ offensive line over at 670 The Score and this group is a mixed bags. The question marks are well-documented, but the potential this group possesses is something that leads me to believe this group can anchor an offense on the rise.
  • While you and I were kicking back and enjoying the early July vibes, rookie defensive tackle Bilal Nichols was putting in work in a sand pit:

  • I think I’d rather work out in a sand pit than re-visit the Bears’ woeful 1998 NFL Draft:


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