"Bring 'Em On" Mitch Trubisky is Ready to Take On Aaron Rodgers and the Rest of the NFC North

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“Bring ‘Em On” Mitch Trubisky is Ready to Take On Aaron Rodgers and the Rest of the NFC North

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There is no shortage of motivating factors in Mitch Trubisky’s world entering his second year in the NFL, and the second-year quarterback is long on confidence and bravado. Sure, Trubisky knows he faces an up-hill battle playing in the ultra-competitive NFC North. But he also sees it as just another challenge in a football life full of them.

And in an eye-opening interview with Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report that will get you pretty pumped about what’s in store this season. Trubisky genuinely sounds like someone who is up to the challenge and ready to face all on-coming opponents in 2018, especially the best of the best: “As a competitor, you want the biggest, tallest challenge you can possibly ask for,” Trubisky said. “So, yeah, give me the division with Aaron Rodgers, (Matt) Stafford and Kirk Cousins. Bring ’em on.” Now, that is what I’m talking about!

Trubisky is talented, confident, and ready to get this season rolling. And so am I. With a new head coach, an arsenal of pass-catchers worth throwing to, and an offensive scheme that should get the most of his talents, Trubisky should be jacked up to step onto the field and prove himself.

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It’s wild to think about the optimism around Bears football entering this season, which is at levels I haven’t seen in quite some time. There is no doubt those positive vibes extend from the confidence this quarterback exudes in the huddle, on the field, and talking with the media. And to think, it hasn’t always been a love fest between Bears fans and their starting quarterback.

Remember when he was booed while attending a Bulls game after being drafted? Trubisky does. And rather than let that moment bring him down, Trubisky sees it as a moment when he realized Chicago was a “perfect situation in the perfect town.” No, seriously.

“That’s something I’ll never forget,” Trubisky said. “Definitely a humbling experience of, All right, kid, you better get to work. I’m glad it happened. I didn’t look at it like I was happy or sad about it. That’s how it is in all sports. You either do your job, and they love you, or you fail, and they’re going to hate you, and you’re going to be out of there. It just has to motivate you.”

It’s stuff like this that gives you confidence as a fan that he’ll be different than the signal callers who came before him. In the Bleacher Report piece, Trubisky says he hopes to “make people eat their words,” wants teams to “fear coming into Chicago,” and wants to bring the heat when going on the road.

Having skill is important, but there is something to be said about the value of being confident in your ability. Trubisky definitely has no shortage of that. For an expanded look into Trubisky’s world as he goes into Year 2 looking to prove the naysayers wrong, you’ll want to read the entirety of Dunne’s piece here.


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