Mitch Trubisky is Making Mistakes at Camp (But That's Actually Good) and Other Bullets

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Mitch Trubisky is Making Mistakes at Camp (But That’s Actually Good) and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

One week until Canton, and there are still tickets available to see the enshrinement ceremony that will see Brian Urlacher become immortalized with the greats.

  • The inevitable is happening at Bears training camp: Mitch Trubisky is making mistakes. Plenty of them. But that’s cool. No, really. Trubisky is keeping it all in perspective, writes Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. Because he is in something of a honeymoon period, Trubisky is getting a loose leash when it comes to the interceptions he is throwing at camp. The way I see it, the second-year quarterback is making aggressive mistakes that he can learn from while practicing. There is a lot to be learned from failure, and Trubisky is getting a first-hand look.
  • For what it’s worth, Matt Nagy isn’t worried about the mistakes Trubisky is making in camp. And to his credit, Chicago’s first-year head coach is taking a big-picture approach to developing his starting quarterback and his offense. “We’re building this puzzle right now, and each day we’re trying to take one piece of the puzzle and put it up there,” Nagy said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “And then before you know it, at the end of this thing, you have that puzzle put together.”
  • The most encouraging thing about Trubisky’s mistakes is how he has re-grouped afterward. It’s easy to sulk after an interception. It’s not easy to put it behind you, move on, and do better the next time out. Good quarterbacks have the ability to shake off their miscues and get back on the right track. Making mistakes can be a good thing when you correct them and not make them again. It’s as simple as that.
  • Even through all the summertime missteps, Trubisky still has a ton of love for the offense he is in. “What’s not to like about this offense? I love it,” Trubisky said, via Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official website. “There’s a lot of options. We throw the ball around a lot and we’re going to balance it with a great running game. But the thing I love most is just playing with these guys.” Options are good! Throwing the ball is fun! Running it has proven to be an effective way to move an offense in the right direction. Again, what’s not to love!?
  • You know what I love? Reading stuff like this about rookie receiver Anthony Miller:

  • Is there anyone more fun to watch than Miller right now?

  • I also love seeing Trubisky hanging with some high-end company when it comes to first-quarter success:

  • I’m totally here for the Bears camp hype videos:

  • You’re missing out if you go to camp and don’t take some time to check out some of these blocking drills:

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Author: Luis Medina

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