Bears GM Ryan Pace Is Optimistic on Leonard Floyd's Hand Injury

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Bears GM Ryan Pace Is Optimistic on Leonard Floyd’s Hand Injury

Chicago Bears

Just when we were wrapping our minds around the idea of Leonard Floyd starting to tap into his full potential through better use of his hands, Floyd came away from last Saturday’s preseason game with a broken hand. Sigh. Like, really, Universe? Really?

But on the most recent episode of the Adam Hoge and Adam Jahns Podcast, Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace sounded a optimistic about the injury, even going as far as saying the team was “fortunate” when it came to certain aspects of the injury.

Okay, Mr. Pace. I’m all ears: “I don’t feel like this is going to be a cast or a club that he is going to have to have on his hand for long,” Pace said. “Due to the circumstances, it happening a little bit earlier in the preseason, we’re going to be OK.”

Head Coach Matt Nagy said the fractured right hand was going to take some time to heal and explained that Floyd could play through it while wearing a cast or club on his hand. That left us clinging to the good news being that the NFL’s recent history is littered with players performing well despite living that club life. But if Floyd can find his way out of the cast before the season ends, that could turn out to be a positive we weren’t totally expecting.

Pace doesn’t do the thing where he speaks to the media often, so any and all nuggets of information are much appreciated when Chicago’s general manager does step behind a mic. You’ll want to check in on the podcast in its entirety as Pace weighs in on other team-related issues ahead of Saturday’s preseason exhibition against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Author: Luis Medina

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