Packers Sort Out Their Backup QB Issues By Shipping Brett Hundley to Seattle

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Packers Sort Out Their Backup QB Issues By Shipping Brett Hundley to Seattle

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If you remember back to the 2017 NFL Draft, you may recall that there was a lot of uncertainty regarding the top signal calling prospects. Quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and to a slightly lesser extent, DeShone Kizer were all in something of a jumbled mess, with one guy ranking over the other day-after-day.

The Bears ultimately made their decision – taking Trubisky second overall (and trading up to ensure that right) – while the Chiefs (Mahomes, 10th), Texans (Watson, 12th), and Browns (Kizer, 52nd) followed. Each guy had varying levels of success, but it’s probably fair to say the Browns were the least happy with their choice. Because just one year later, the Browns traded Kizer to the Packers in exchange for Damarious Randall and drafted QB Baker Mayfield first overall.

But that led to a bit of a problem, seeing as how the Packers already have a *deeply* ingrained starting quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, as well as a pretty well-known backup in Brett Hundley. Was Kizer about to get squeezed? Well, maybe he was at one point, but not anymore.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Seattle Seahawks have traded a 6th rounder in exchange for Packers backup quarterback Brett Hundley. The move is rather notable not only because it involves the Packers, but also because of (1) the amount we saw Hundley last year with Rodgers on injured reserve and (2) what it means for the new backup quarterback, Kizer, who happens to be a fellow 2017 QB classmate of Trubisky. Then again, the logistics of the trade actually make a fair bit of sense from a roster-relieving stand point:

As for how we should feel about it, I’m not quite sure yet. On the one hand, my brain is telling me it might not really matter, because Aaron Rodgers is the starting quarterback and when he’s in the game, there’s very few (if any) better guys out there. But my heart is reminding me that he’s 34 years old and started just seven games last season. There’s not any direct reason to believe he’ll start wearing down, but it’s not like it is impossible. Oh, and let’s not forget Rodgers is on the final two years of his contract. The Packers could simply be guarding themselves against the possibility, however unlikely, that Rodgers leaves once his deal is up.

At the same time, unless you believe in Kizer’s youth and remaining upside (which, maybe that’s fair), it’s not easy to see this as an obvious upgrade at the position. Through 11 games (9 starts) last season, Hundley posted a higher completion rate (60.8%), a lower interception rate (3.8%), and a higher QB rating (40.5), than Kizer did in 15 starts with the Browns (53.6 comp%, 4.6 int%, and  26.7 QB rating).

Though I suppose, in reality, neither guy was particularly impressive and the Bears would be happy to face either a LOT more than Rodgers. In any case, that’s the news for your Wednesday: Kizer is the new primary backup for the Packers, Hundley has been shipped off to Seattle, and the Packers get a 6th rounder for their troubles.

Author: Michael Cerami

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