OMG REPORT: Bears Are Getting Khalil Mack (UPDATES: At Least Two First Rounders)

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OMG REPORT: Bears Are Getting Khalil Mack (UPDATES: At Least Two First Rounders)

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears appear to be on the verge of striking a blockbuster deal to acquire one of the league’s best pass-rushers, and I’m about to freak out:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Bears and Raiders have an agreement in place that would send the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year to Chicago, a move that would put an exclamation point on an offseason that brought sweeping changes to Halas Hall. The Bears already had a need for another quality pass-rusher, so to take that need and turn it into the BEST of the lot? I am giddy right now. (Assuming it gets done.)

Mack is entering his fifth NFL season at age 27, but has been at the center of a contract impasse all summer. The star pass-rusher was rumored to be on the trade block in early August and the Bears were listed to be a potential trade partner because they had the need and financial flexibility to get a deal done and give Mack the mega deal extension he was seeking.

Now we wait on details, and the negotiations on a contract begin:

In the meantime, the rumors on this were percolating heavily in the past 24 hours after Aaron Donald got his monster deal from the Rams. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweets a list of teams “fully exploring” the possibility of acquiring Mack via a trade, which includes the Bears. La Canfora’s report comes after NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport tweeted that a “robust” trade market has developed for the Raiders’ top defensive player. Rapoport took things a step further, saying that the Raiders are listening to offers and that the chances of Mack being dealt are “very real.” Apparently so.

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Chicago has long made sense as a potential suitor with Oakland. Naturally, the Bears popped up as a possible trade partner with the Raiders shortly after the first round of serious trade rumors was thrown out publicly. And while the cost of doing business reportedly starts at two first-round picks, the Bears would have to get comfortable with the idea of getting uncomfortable in order to make a deal happen. Draft picks and assets have value, but so does adding a perennial defensive MVP and breaking open a franchise’s competitive window while the projected franchise quarterback is on his rookie contract.

Now is the time for the Bears to add a player like Mack. Looks like they’re doing it. More details soon.

UPDATE: As expected, if and when this gets done, Mack’s contract is going to be the new top dog:

It really does seem like the Donald extension set the stage for this move.

UPDATE 2: Haha. Peanut’s happy:

UPDATE 3: Another expected cost of doing business – a very steep price tag on the trade:

We’ll see what the contours look like precisely, but a tip-top player comes with a tip-top cost.

UPDATE 4: And worth it:

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