Bears Fans Rejoice Over Mack Madness - Others Not So Much, and Other Bullets

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Bears Fans Rejoice Over Mack Madness – Others Not So Much, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The only downside to the Khalil Mack trade is that we have to wait a week until he can step foot onto the field in a Chicago Bears uniform. Other than that, I feel like I’m dealing well with my Mack-related hangover.

  • In addition to Mack Madness, the Bears trimmed their roster from 90 to 53 by Saturday’s 3 p.m. CT deadline. We followed cut-down day here, and there’s certainly more to come regarding potential roster moves as the waiver period opens up later today.
  • Want to hear Mack’s first thoughts upon joining the Bears? Well, you’re in luck:

It wasn’t a dream. @k52mack_ is HERE!

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  • I’d certainly find myself excited to sign the NFL’s richest deal for a defensive player, but there’s more to be excited about than that. Mack probably looks around the gridiron and sees what might be the most talented collection of players he’s played with … and they’re all either in or approaching their primes. Eddie Goldman, Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan, Kyle Fuller, Prince Amukamara, Eddie Jackson, Adrian Amos. With the addition of Mack, there are playmakers on every level of the defense. What’s not to love about that?
  • Imagine having to game-plan for Hicks and Mack lining up on the same side of the formation. Wait. Now, think about if Leonard Floyd starts playing to his potential and opposing offenses have to account for pass-rushers on both sides of the formation. We have used a bunch of web space to discuss the Bears’ offense this offseason, but the defense has the potential to be fun, too.
  • Lookin’ good:

  • Not only is there potential for “fun,” it’s easier to envision the Bears growing into the elite defense that Hicks believed was on the horizon. Patrick Finley of the Sun-Times seems to echo those sentiments, writing that the addition of Mack could turn a solid defense into a tip-top bunch. Chicago’s defense ranked in the top-10 in scoring and yardage, but probably needed an extra boost to stay up there after watching Minnesota reel in a franchise quarterback in free agency and Green Bay add to its core of offensive playmakers.
  • John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago declares the Bears’ trade to get Mack as a “win now” move. On top of it being a bold decision to mortgage future assets for a player in his prime, this aggressive strike forcefully opens the Bears’ window of contention. GM Ryan Pace stayed true to his offseason plan of building a team that gets the most out of Mitch Trubisky’s rookie contract by adding a defensive standout who can chase down other team’s starting quarterbacks. The Bears look more well-rounded now than they did when training camp started in July.
  • Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune has a by-the-numbers look at what Mack brings to the table. Remember when the Bears were shutout of offseason top player lists? Well, Mack was the NFL Network’s 16th best player. Suffice it to say the Bears received a monumental upgrade from whichever pass-rusher was going to start opposite of Floyd.
  • If you thought you were excited, just look around because you were not alone:

  • Charles Leno Jr. probably isn’t going to be as excited when he’s facing Mack every day in practice, but steel sharpens steel and the Bears’ left tackle can only get better for having to go against the best.
  • Chris Emma of 670 The Score describes the move for Mack as a defining moment fora Bears franchise that didn’t have a playmaking superstar defender. They have players who you hoped would get there with development, practice reps, and game experience. But with Mack in the fold, there will be less pressure on some of the younger pieces on the defense. That should allow for them to let their abilities flow without the stress of having to try and do too much.
  • Of course, not everyone was impressed with the trade that sent Mack to Chicago:

  • Imagine being a Raiders fan (or even a Raiders player) and your new head coach (who hasn’t been in an NFL locker room in a decade) comes in and uproots your team’s best player. Yeah, it’s a head-scratcher indeed:

  • There’s no doubt in my mind Mack has Pace’s back:

  • Ha ha, nailed it:


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