This Allen Robinson (Narrated) Hype Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping and Other Bullets

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This Allen Robinson (Narrated) Hype Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

My friend Craig is helping me help me knock “Bears-Packers at Lambeau Field” off the ol’ bucket list, which means I’M GOING TO THE BEARS GAME THIS SUNDAY! I’m not sure whether I’m more lucky or blessed, but I sure am excited about watching a game like that at what’s essentially football’s version of Wrigley Field. Let’s go!

  • This season kickoff hype video narrated by Allen Robinson is everything you need to get your day started:

  • Robinson making reference to Head Coach Matt Nagy’s hire being a reason he signed with the Bears is still a bit jarring to me, even if it’s something he has stated before on multiple occasions. For the Bears to make a coaching decision that inspires a high-end free agent who plays on the offensive side of the ball to follow him to Chicago is something we simply aren’t used to. In fact, there’ve been a bunch of moves that have happened throughout the offseason that you can point to and say “this signified the beginning of change at Halas Hall” but it’s hard not to go back to the thought that it all starts with the aggressive coaching search and the hiring of Nagy.
  • We’re looking forward to Robinson’s first catch with the Bears, which should happen on Sunday in Green Bay. Robinson has had an eventful offseaon as he recovered from an ACL injury, but a mundane preseason with minimal action, no targets, and no receptions. Despite the inaction, Nagy fully believes Robinson will be ready to roll for Week 1.
  • Because the Rams really needed more elite defensive talent, Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports the team took a swing at acquiring Khalil Mack before the Bears and made an offer to the Raiders, but Oakland preferred the potential of possible higher draft picks the Bears could offer.
  • In short, the Raiders think the Bears will stink the next two years. Here’s to the Bears proving them wrong.
  • Dang, what a shame:

  • JJ Stankevitz of NBC Sports Chicago opens up a window to right tackle Bobby Massie’s perspective of his now that he has Mack as his teammate. I can’t say I envy anyone who has to practice against Mack on a daily basis.
  • Pro Football Focus updated its offensive line rankings just in time for the start of the regular season (which kicks off tonight, by the way!). There’s no change in the Bears’ ranking, even though Eric Kush gets the nod over rookie James Daniels. That can be perceived as a good thing. At least, *I* believe ranking in the top half of NFL offensive lines is a good thing. The strength of this line could ultimately lie in the health of Kyle Long (who has had a healthy and productive preseason) and Cody Whitehair returning to playing at the high levels he reached as a rookie (or at least, the levels he reached late last year).
  • Eric Kush has some interesting ideas on how to possibly slow down his newest teammate:

  • New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has a more realistic game plan when going up against the talented pass-rusher. “The last time we played Oakland (Week 1 2016), we put in a special protection for him,” Payton said, via Peter King of NBC Sports. The special protection called for the tight end to chip block Mack if he rushed off right tackle and shift to the left side of the line if he lined up opposite a left tackle. That’s what special defenders force opposing offenses to do.
  • No matter where you put extra protection, by doing so, you’re admitting that your team needs help in slowing Mack down. And there’s no shame in that, if we’re being honest, but there is a disadvantage. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows the kind of fits Mack causes opposing offenses, acknowledging the match-up problems the Bears’ newest pass-rusher brings to to the table, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • If the Bears are going to sign a player to an extension and apply some of the 2017 cash to it, they’ll need to be thrifty. ESPN’s Field Yates reports the Bears have $6,781,240 left in available cap space.
  • There is a case to be made for Adrian Amos getting extended:

  • Celebrating Throwback Thursday with a pair of legends:

  • But seriously:

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