Anthony Miller: This is the Beginning of a New Era in Chicago

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Anthony Miller: This is the Beginning of a New Era in Chicago

Chicago Bears

Anthony Miller’s perspective has me ready to roll for the 2018 season:

The Bears certainly have more than fair share of shiny new things, and Miller is one of the shiniest of the bunch. He finished his college career as an All-American who re-wrote the record books at Memphis. Now, he has his eyes on doing the same with a Chicago franchise that is more than ready to make the most of the blank page that is the 2018 season.

And what better way to start writing the story of the 2018 Bears than with an opener against the Packers? Sure, Green Bay has dominated the rivalry for the better part of the decade by winning 12 of the last 14 in the series to take a 96-94-6 all-time lead. But beating a Super Bowl contender on their home turf to start the year would do wonders for the morale of a fan base that wants to believe in something after years of nothingness.The adage of beating the best in order to be the best applies here and it’s encouraging that the Bears are embracing the moment.

It’s an understatement to say that the team’s recent history isn’t what anyone has wanted, but the time to move past it is now. New coaches and players bring a fresh mindset to a clean slate. I absolutely love how everyone associated with the Bears is talking like they want to move away from the team’s wretched past.

As I get myself ready for Sunday’s game, I can’t help but reminded of the things I felt leading up to the Cubs’ season-opener in 2015. That was a team that was coming off an awful stretch of baseball, but a massive roster overhaul that occurred over the span of a few years had brought young pieces with upside ready to contribute. They were untested and unproven, but the potential was undeniable. It’s hard to shake the feeling that is on the cusp of happening with the Bears. And even though the Cubs lost the lid-lifter against the arch-rival Cardinals, there was still a sense that the best was yet to come.

It would be asking a lot to expect a Cubs-like run for the Bears through the NFC North. But no one ever got anywhere they wanted to be by setting moderate goals. Think big. Dream big. Do big things. Go Bears!

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