Mitch Trubisky Brings the Hype (VIDEO) as We Enter Week 2 and Other Bullets

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Mitch Trubisky Brings the Hype (VIDEO) as We Enter Week 2 and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Back when I was a newspaper employee, there were times I had trouble sleeping after a long night of work that sometimes ended the next morning. So rather than toss and turn in bed hoping to magically fall asleep, I would whip up a treat to wake up to the next morning. I don’t do that as often as I used to, but I made a no-bake cheesecake last night using a family recipe that’s actually older than I am.

No, I’m not having cheesecake for breakfast … but I’m certainly tempted.

  • YEP. I’m ready to move on from last week:

  • They say the best way to get over something is to get underway on another project. Or something like that:v

  • Good eye by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe:

  • I’m not sure Nagy was his true self on Sunday. He promised to be aggressive, but he passed on an attempt to extend a drive with a potential 4th-and-1 conversation and kicked a field goal before the Packers’ game-winning drive. He promised to learn from the mistakes that played a major role in the Chiefs’ collapse during their playoff game against the Titans last January, but made the same mistakes in his first game as a head coach. The Bears established something early in Week 1, but didn’t go about repeating it. That’s something that should change in Week 2 … and it can change if Nagy simply takes the advice on his play card.
  • Of course, Nagy can only do so much as a coach. In the end, it’s up to quarterback Mitch Trubisky to take the ball, sling it around the gridiron, put points on the board, and lead his team to glory. After a disappointing Week 1, Trubisky vowed to move past the mistakes that plagued him in the opener and make necessary improvements (Sun-Times).
  • And yes, he addressed The Screenshot with an honest and candid answer. That’s what accountability looks like from the quarterback. It feels like Trubisky has that part of the job under control, so that leaves the other stuff (you know, making strong, smart, and accurate throws in the guts of a game) to conquer. No pressure, #10.
  • The Bears’ offensive line pushed its way into Pro Football Focus’ top-10 after a solid performance in their season opener. If Trubisky is going to play to his potential, it will help greatly if the offensive line keeps him upright. PFF’s Michael Renner highlights the improvements made by left tackle Charles Leno Jr., whose 86.1 pass-blocking grade was the second best of any tackle in Week 1. To put it in perspective, Leno’s pass-blocking grade during his first year as a starter was 65.9 back in 2015.
  • Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes ranks the seven best players in the NFC North … and the Bears weren’t shut out. *audible gasp* Chicago’s leading rusher Jordan Howard checked in at No. 5 and he clearly has impressed Rhodes with his play despite being on a last-place team the last two years. “Oh my God … Jordan Howard is so hard to take down,” Rhodes writes at The Players’ Tribune. “He keeps such a low center of gravity. He’s like Golden Tate, but 25 pounds heavier. And he can make guys miss, too. You have to gang tackle him – and even then, good luck.”
  • Howard has averaged 4.8 yards per carry in four career games against the Vikings, so Rhodes and his defensive teammates have first-hand knowledge of the Bears top back’s skills. Extrapolate Howard’s stats against Minnesota over 16 games and you’re looking at a back that would come away with a 1,492-yard rushing season. That’ll certainly play at this level.
  • Unfortunately, I must report that the Bears don’t play the Vikings until Week 11. Bummer.
  • For you wagering types, Scott Gramling of has a high level of confidence that the Bears will cover the 3.5-point spread on Monday against the Seahawks. And if you’re playing a total, Gramling feels good about the OVER 43.5.
  • This is what happens when you trade Khalil Mack:

  • LOL:

  • Sounds like a pretty cool gig to me. Congrats, Ryan:

Author: Luis Medina

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