Matt Nagy Gets Defensive of Mitch Trubisky's "Special" Factor ... and the QB Appreciates It

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Matt Nagy Gets Defensive of Mitch Trubisky’s “Special” Factor … and the QB Appreciates It

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The best teams in the NFL always have a unique head coach-quarterback relationship leading the charge. And while Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky may have a long way to go in that respect, Nagy’s defense of Trubisky in today’s press conference at Halas Hall shows that the head coach has his QB’s back in the press room the same way a left tackle does on the field.

When responding to the criticism of Trubisky not doing anything special yet, Nagy had quite the response:

“I’d like to know what people’s special definition is, because there’s special parts of the game that you see on TV where it’s a special throw or special catch – somebody makes a one-handed catch. I know he made a special throw to Trey Burton cross the other day that not many quarterbacks in this league can make, and so I’ll take that as special. But he’s doing special things in our offense at this position right now where we’re at with how long we’ve been together or how short we’ve been together, to me, all he needs to worry about is what my [definition of what] ‘special’ is.”

Mic. Drop.

And for the record, this is the throw Nagy referenced during his press conference:

As we discussed in our earlier video review, the throw Nagy points out from last Sunday is quite impressive. Because even as Trubisky stumbles as his feet get tangled up underneath Jordan Howard, the quarterback gets reset quickly, progresses through his drop, keeps his eyes down-field, gets his feet set, and fires a laser in a place where only Trey Burton could catch it and neither defender could make a play on the ball. Those are the kinds of throws Trubisky needs to make more often, especially if he is going to be as “special” as his head coach thinks he can be.

Naturally, Trubisky felt good about the verbal support from his coach:

Now, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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