Mitch Trubisky Needs 68,965 Yards Just to Match the Record Drew Brees Set and Other Bullets

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Mitch Trubisky Needs 68,965 Yards Just to Match the Record Drew Brees Set and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

We’ve hit that point in the calendar year where you’re not sure whether you’re going to get Fall or Summer II in Chicago. Don’t like the weather here? Just wait a few hours and see how you feel then.

  • Drew Brees became the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards on Monday, and this is what it looked and sounded like:

  • Not all record-breaking moments are pretty. Mark McGwire barely clearing the wall in the left field corner and missing first base on his victory gallop on his 62nd home run in 1998 comes to mind when I think of legendary moments that didn’t look the part. But there’s something about Brees throwing 62-yard touchdown pass to set the record that’s just perfect.
  • Peyton Manning’s reaction was hilarious:

  • And because I know you’re curious, Mitch Trubisky needs just 68,965 yards to catch Brees’ mark. That’s a lot of yards, but if the NFL keeps making the rules more passer friendly with each year, you can’t rule out someone coming for Brees’ record sooner or later. Shoot for the moon, Mitch … and maybe one day, you’ll catch your idol.
  • Thinking about Brees and Trubisky had me thinking about some things we wrote last year. Trubisky earned a favorable comparison to Brees, whom he looked up to growing up, and there’s a belief that Trubisky’s relationship with Matt Nagy could grow into something similar to what Brees has with Sean Payton. One can only hope the Bears would be that fortunate.
  • I love Brad Biggs’ piece via the Chicago Tribune on how defense can still push its way to championship glory despite the NFL being such a pass-happy and offense-friendly league. Because even the best offensive teams have proven to have their issues breaking through against top-notch defensive clubs. The addition of Khalil Mack certainly helps the Bears in this regard, which suggests that the team was right in pushing as hard as they did for that deal.
  • The Mack for MVP stuff isn’t going to go away any time soon. analyst Chris Wesseling lists Mack as a top-3 MVP candidate after the first quarter of the season. Between his transformation of the defense, his ability to make players around him better, and the trickle-down impact of putting the offense in a better position to succeed by helping flip the field position battle should keep him in the conversation for a while.
  • Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald really hits it on the head as he highlights the presence Mack brings to the Bears’ defense. There is surely a “sense of calm” when you see No. 52 on the field wearing navy blue and orange. Well, at least if you’re wearing the same color uniform as Mack. Wearing opposing colors wouldn’t have me feeling this way, that’s for sure.
  • With that perspective, I think it’s hilarious that Mack and Trubisky have the same MVP odds.
  • As we jump into Dolphins week, we’ll finally put the first quarter of the season behind us. But not before we share one last wave of awards. The Bears are well represented in Bill Barnwell’s recent dive into who deserves what awards after the first quarter of the season. Mack is an easy choice for Defensive Player of the Year, but kudos to Barnwell for choosing Vic Fangio as the Coordinator of the Year. It helps to have talent, but what Fangio has done with the pieces to get the most out of them is nothing short of remarkable. His call to send the house at rookie Josh Rosen on the last play of the team’s Week 3 win against the Cardinals was bold, gutsy, and ultimately successful. I admire that kind of gumption.
  • Also in Barnwell’s piece is a notable runner-up showing for Matt Nagy in the Coach of the Year race. A potential worst-to-first campaign for the Bears wouldn’t be possible without the re-boot that Nagy has helped initiate. It’s only the first quarter of the season, but the Bears are playing better now than at any point in the last four years and you have to give credit where it’s due. And as far as I’m concerned, it has to start at the top with a head coach who has schemed a relatively inexperience quarterback into looking like a worthwhile NFL signal caller. The Nagy-Trubisky tandem is just starting to scratch the surface of their potential. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.
  • Did you know the Bears are one of five teams in the NFC with a winning record? If not, then now you know.
  • I don’t have all the important birthdays in my life programmed into my phone. If I did, I would’ve made these fellas a cake:

Author: Luis Medina

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