Trubisky's Sleeve, the Beginning of Mack-Rodgers Rivalry, Sensible Trades, and Other Bullets

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Trubisky’s Sleeve, the Beginning of Mack-Rodgers Rivalry, Sensible Trades, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I don’t think Mitch Trubisky needs a lucky sleeve to be good, but why risk it? Wear it. SLEEP in it. Better yet … where can I get one for myself?

  • ESPN’s Matt Bowen breaks down the positives in Trubisky’s game within Matt Nagy’s offense and notes there’s still room for improvement. Trubisky has made notable progress compared to where he was this time last year, but the next step is to build on his Week 4 excellence and start stacking solid starts. How Trubisky bounces back after a bye week should tell us more about the Bears’ QB1 and I’m looking to see how it unfolds.
  • The bye week is generally good for a the vast majority of a team’s players, coaches, and fans, but if there was anyone who probably didn’t welcome it, it was probably Trubisky. You couldn’t fault Trubisky if he wanted to jump back into the fray after putting together the best game of his career. He made confident and accurate throws in a lopsided team win, so it’s hard to imagine him not itching to get back there.
  • We might see growth in Trubisky’s decision-making and definitely see it from a numbers perspective. But Nagy sees growth come differently: “The biggest takeaway for me isn’t something you’re going to see on the field so much; it’s more just the way he handled himself in between plays and series,” Nagy said, via Larry Mayer of the team’s official website. “With the success we were having, he treated it exactly the same as when he threw two picks in a row or we had a poor series or took a sack. … Really, it’s that next-play mentality regardless of the outcome, good or bad.”
  • Trubisky’s ability to keep an even demeanor when it would be easy to go one way or another impresses me. It’s that kind of mentality that makes for quality quarterbacking because things can go south quickly in this game, and they’ll only get worse if you let them get to you and bring you down.
  • This four-minute rant has me jacked up about the Bears and the future of their rivalry with the Packers … even if it’s coming from Colin Cowherd:

  • There aren’t too many defensive players who would inspire this type of perspective, so that the Bears have one of them says a lot about Khalil Mack and what he brings to the table.
  • The potential rivalry between Mack and Aaron Rodgers could be something special. Not since Brian Urlacher have the Bears had a player on the defensive side of the ball as good as Rodgers is on his side. This is why we watch sports. For rivalries between two athletes in the prime of their careers and peak of their powers trying to lead their teams to glory. We’ll just love it a little more if the Bears come out on top every time in this particular matchup.

  • Dan Durkin of The Athletic heads into the video room to explain what has made the Bears pass-rush dominant. Mack is a major factor, of course, but his presence has helped put others in a position to make plays (while also taking some offensive pieces out of the equation, which makes it a double-whammy once the other Bears get into the backfield).
  • The energy is so real:

  • Making sensible trades is always a fun exercise. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell puts together 11 of them as we inch closer to the October 30 trade deadline, including one deal that involves the Bears. No, it doesn’t feature running back Jordan Howard going to the Eagles. Instead, Barnwell makes sense of a deal that sends Marcus Cooper to the Chiefs for a seventh-round pick. Cooper is buried on the cornerback depth chart and that happens to be a position where Kansas City is notoriously thin. Getting anything of value for Cooper would be a steal, since he’s basically been nothing more than a special teams contributor since losing his starting job around this time last year.
  • Hey PFF’s Team of the Week didn’t feature any Bears. What gives?
  • I’ve got a little fantasy problem:

  • I’ve always said that we (as a general public) need to be more open to other cultures:

  • The Adam Hoge episode of Laurence Holmes’ “House of L” podcast is worth your time. This episode opens a door to what life is like when you cover the Bears beat, work in the media industry, and more. Give it a listen:

Author: Luis Medina

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