Aaron Rodgers Crushes Your Soul Even When He's Not Playing the Bears and Other Bullets

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Aaron Rodgers Crushes Your Soul Even When He’s Not Playing the Bears and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I lost a fantasy football matchup because I started Philip Rivers (14 points) instead of Mitch Trubisky (26 points). That’ll show me to be a non-believer.

  • Did you watch Monday Night Football last night? Of course you did. Were you surprised by anything that happened in the last five minutes of game action? Of course you weren’t. If you were surprised by anything that transpired in the Packers 33-30 win against the 49ers, then you’re either a fool or you haven’t been paying enough attention. That Aaron Rodgers fella is good. The only surprise came in the form of it happening to a team I don’t care about.
  • I’ve never related so much to tweets in my life:

  • Ugh. This stings:

  • Timing is everything, right? Robbie Gould made just 84.6 percent of his kicks in 2015 (GM Ryan Pace’s first year on the job) and was coming off a season where he missed four games due to injury and was successful on just 75 percent of his attempts. It’s possible (even likely) that Pace saw Gould as a declining kicker coming off an injury-shortened season at age 33 when he arrived in Chicago in 2015. It would make sense that the recency bias pushed the team toward moving on from him. But all the credit in the world goes to Gould for figuring out what was causing him to be inaccurate, getting back out there, and being better than ever.
  • If you’re selling stock in Cody Parkey, I’m willing to buy it. I still feel good about the Bears kicking situation, despite Parkey’s overtime miss on Sunday. It’s easy to make him out to be the goat (traditional usage) because of a missed kick, but the Bears did plenty of things wrong before that even happened. For what it’s worth, Parkey’s success rate on field goals since 2014 is 85.9 percent, which is favorably comparable to Gould’s 11-year career with the Bears where he was successful on 85.4 percent of his kicks. Gould is a great kicker. Parkey has been good in recent years. And frankly, the Bears would be 2-3 had he not bounced back strong from an early miss against the Cardinals in Week 3. Imagine how you’d feel about that now. (Actually, don’t.)
  • [Exhale] Even after suffering a second gut-wrenching loss in five games, the Chicago Bears are still in first place. Yep, it’s true:

  • The Bears being in first place right now doesn’t make up for Sunday’s loss, but I don’t feel as bad as I did when I woke up on Monday. Because even if the Bears were to lose to the Patriots on Sunday, they would still be in a decent position to make a run at the division (they still have five games against NFC North foes left to play) and the playoffs. So what I’m saying is that losing to the Dolphins (who are 4-2 and in a virtual first-place tie with the Patriots in the AFC East) and a loss to the Patriots next Sunday wouldn’t be the end of the world. Would it complicate matters? Surely. But no one ever said the road to the postseason was going to be smooth.
  • OK, this was disgusting:

  • Not sure what’s more inexplicable: That play turning into a touchdown or the evident loss of effort from defensive backs. Meanwhile, if you watch that replay again closely, Khalil Mack – on a bum ankle – is beating DBs down the field trying to make a play. I hope someone highlights this in film review and points out that Mack’s effort despite playing on an injured effort should be the standard moving forward.
  • This made me want to throw my laptop in a trash can:

  • The Bears have dominated in the middle part of games, but I don’t understand what’s happening late:

  • Those 60 points in the fourth quarter are a huge reason why the Bears aren’t 5-0 right now and it’s starting to bug me. I try to stay away from playing the “what if?” game when it comes to the record, but I can’t not see 60 points and not be irked about it. Clearly, the Bears have a big thing to work on this week and in the 11 games remaining this season.
  • This is makes more sense than I want to admit:

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