Bill Belichick Isn't Having Any of Your Lawrence Taylor-Khalil Mack Comps and Other Bullets

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Bill Belichick Isn’t Having Any of Your Lawrence Taylor-Khalil Mack Comps and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Sometimes, there’s simple joy in watching other sports, like baseball, … if only because officials and reviews play less of a role than they do in the NFL. And then the first inning of Game 4 of the ALCS between the Red Sox and Astros has an interference play that had me thinking about catch rule fine print. It just won’t ever end, will it?

  • Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick wants you to pump the brakes on the Khalil Mack-Lawrence Taylor comparisons:

  • Because Mack has made an immediate impact to the point where he was garnering early consideration for the league’s MVP award, the Bears’ top pass-rusher has been showered with praise from all corners of the football world. But maybe we should heed Belichick’s call to slow it down. Remember, Belichick coached Taylor when he was Bill Parcells’ assistant with the Giants, so his perspective here is unique.
  • So how good do you have to be to earn a comp to LT from Belichick? Tanya Ray Fox of USA Today’s Patriots Wire notes that Belichick has compared J.J. Watt to Taylor on several occasions. Watt is an elite player who is a game-changer on his side of the ball. So now I’m sitting here hoping Mack can overcome his ankle injury and give Belichick a reason to re-think his stance. Maybe he should re-think it, already.
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  • Mitch Trubisky, the Bears’ most important player on offense, seems to think the Bears’ Week 6 loss can be a springboard for his growth and development:

  • Great teams have players with killer instincts, so I’m a bit bothered by the idea that the Bears quarterback believes he and his team need to develop one. The Bears’ two losses have followed with similar refrains of needing to finish better and that’s unnerving if you think about it. There’s a case to be made that if the Bears had said killer instinct, they would be 5-0 heading into this Patriots game and we’d be looking at things differently. Siiiiigh. I’d rather not think about that.
  • So here’s the thing: wins and losses are never that cut and dry. Losses are teachable moments and can be used as motivating factors. While certain types of wins can go a long way toward clouding judgment and temporarily masking issues. I’m not saying losing is a good thing because it really isn’t. But there are times where learning from a loss has a certain value that escaping with a win doesn’t have. The Bears looked like a team that learned from their Week 1 loss, so now I’m prepared to see if they can be better after Sunday’s humbling loss at Miami.
  • Chris Emma of 670 The Score writes the Bears are ready to take on the challenge that is the Patriots. Of course, there’s a caveat that tight end Trey Burton explains well. “It’s a good measuring stick of where you’re at,” Burton told Emma. “But at the end of the day, this isn’t a playoff game, this isn’t the Super Bowl. It’s another regular-season game.” Burton knows what playoff games and a Super Bowl against the Patriots feels like, especially considering he was a part of that championship-winning Eagles team that knocked off New England earlier this calendar year.
  • And while I understand Burton’s perspective, I feel as if there’s something to be said about preparing like every game is the Super Bowl. Listen to Belichick talk about the Bears and you’d think they were a worthy contender to take the crowd. It almost makes you wonder …

  • Sticking with the folks at OddsShark for a moment, the Bears’ loss has dropped their Super Bowl odds a bit. The Bears are now +2500 (or 25/1 if that’s more your style), while the Vikings (+1000) and Packers (+1800) remain in the oddsmakers’ good graces. We’ll have more on Bears playoff odds later today.
  • This Halloween prank could have ended very poorly:

  • This would’ve been neat:

Author: Luis Medina

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