Matt Nagy's Most Controversial Call Is About a Hot Dog and Other Bullets

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Matt Nagy’s Most Controversial Call Is About a Hot Dog and Other Bullets

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Disagreeing with the head coach comes as natural to fans as peeing on a fire hydrant comes to dogs. That call was questionable. This guy should be playing more. Why aren’t you doing a fake field goal pass on every attempt? But I’ve never disagreed more with a coach than when Matt Nagy declared a hot dog to be a sandwich.

Yep, it happened:

Rookies make mistakes. Head coaches make mistakes. Rookie head coaches make mistakes. So we’ll just chalk it up to a rookie head coach mistake. Just don’t do it again, coach.

  • The Dolphins had Khalil Mack’s number last week. Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post unearths how Miami’s tackles neutralized the all-world pass-rusher. It’s still jarring to think about (1) how much of a non-factor Mack was and (2) how much the Bears defense suffered because he wasn’t doing his normal quarterback harassment thing. It makes it that much more clear how much the Bears need Mack to be an All-Pro caliber defender for everything in Chicago to work (Michael: with all of that said, we can’t forget he was playing hurt – I’m not sure how much credit the Dolphins should get for that).
  • Mack and the rest of the Bears’ pass-rush needs to be on point if an upset of the Patriots is going to happen. And if Mack isn’t going to be 100 percent on game day, that means it will take a team effort to make it happens. So Leonard Floyd, Aaron Lynch, and even Isaiah Irving need to be prepared to step up if Mack is limited or unable to play. It’s all hands on deck when Tom Brady comes to town.
  • Through our eyes, Floyd was a tough-luck loser in Week 6 as he took a pair of questionable penalties that helped extend Dolphins drives. But from where Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio sits, Floyd’s game wasn’t all that bad:

  • I wouldn’t go as far as Fangio did here, but I felt that Floyd looked more comfortable with his hands with newer, slimmed down protection. It’s a bummer to see that the injury has negatively impacted Floyd in this way, but it makes me more hopeful about what he’ll look like once he is fully operational. In the end, Floyd’s development needs to hit another gear if Mack isn’t able to do the things he normally does or can’t do them for as many snaps as we’re used to seeing.
  • While Floyd searches to find his potential, another Georgia linebacker’s upside is catching the eyes of football analysts. Bleacher Report’s Paul Kasabian believes Roquan Smith is the Bears’ most promising young player. Kasbian takes into consideration a player’s age, potential, room for growth, and draft pedigree before landing on Smith, who checks all the boxes. Age 21. Check. Potential and room for growth? Double check. Draft pedigree? How does SEC Defensive Player of the Year and top-10 pick sound? That’s a check, too.
  • I’m a bit troubled that quarterback Mitch Trubisky didn’t get the call here. Or maybe Smith’s potential is so sky high it dwarfs that of a potential franchise quarterback. More likely, Kasbian isn’t sold on Trubisky. Fair enough. He is only 17 starts into his NFL career and is only now starting to get a feel for his skills. Maybe a few more performances like the last two weeks will sway some folks later.
  • Speaking of Trubisky, I think we’ll soon be able to kill the narrative of his completion percentage being a product of him throwing a high volume of short passes:

  • OK, the more I think about it and the more I browse through the list, I’m actually miffed by the Trubisky snub. Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Rosen, and Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, and Baker Mayfield got the nod, making Trubisky and Josh Allen the only two first-round quarterbacks from the last two drafts to be included here. This could simply be an analyst who isn’t buying stock in Trubisky. Everyone has their reasons, but there is statistical evidence that Trubisky is growing and developing. He’s not a finished product, but none of these quarterbacks who make the list are either.
  • There are a variety reasons why Rob Gronkowski hasn’t scored a touchdown since Week 1 and we hope it stays that way:

  • Holy smokes! Josh Rosen took a beating last night. The Cardinals rookie threw three interceptions in a 45-10 loss, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Rosen was sacked six times and ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss notes the QB also suffered a toe injury. It might be minor for now, but at least the Cardinals have some extra time off until their next game. If Rosen can’t give it a go in Week 8, that means Mike Glennon will get the call under center. Good luck with that!


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