Mitch Trubisky's Legs Are Catching Eyes and Other Bullets

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Mitch Trubisky’s Legs Are Catching Eyes and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I think that World Series game is still going on as I’m typing out today’s Bullets.

  • It’s strange that the average time of NFL and MLB games are similar, and yet one is deemed to have a pace-of-play problem and complaints regarding game lengths while the other doesn’t deal with those issues. This is a complex topic that probably needs its own post in order to unpack the layers, but I feel as if NFL broadcasts do a better job of filling in the gaps when nothing is happening than MLB. And yet, I don’t feel like that’s top of mind for baseball folks … but maybe it should be.
  • Greg Joyce of the New York Post writes that group is well aware of Mitch Trubisky’s scrambling ability. Linebacker and fellow Ohioan Darron Lee has known about Trubisky being a dual threat for a while since he watched him play. “You always hear that – can guys really run like that? He can actually run like that. He’s really fast,” Lee said, via the New York Post.
  • The only quarterback with more rushing yards than Trubisky’s 245 is Cam Newton, who has the edge here by 12 years. That’s good company to find yourself with if you’re Trubisky. Then again, Trubisky being the team’s second-leading rusher through six games is a cause for concern.
  • Trubisky’s rushing prowess has vaulted him up the charts as a worthwhile fantasy football quarterback, but those numbers and his Pro Football Focus ranks don’t really match up:

  • At some point, Trubisky’s fantasy numbers will take a dip or his passing grade will have an up-tick. Whenever I see such a drastic differential in stats, it reminds me that the truth is always in the middle.
  • Allen Robinson was limited in practice leading up to Sunday’s game against the Jets, but it sounds as if he is following doctors orders and that it’s paying off:

  • Robinson followed a similar course of action before the team’s Week 7 bout against the Patriots, but ultimately left the game early because the injury was re-aggravated. The Bears are wise to proceed with caution, but I can’t help but wonder if there will come a time when they are better off giving Robinson a game week off to rest and re-evaluate at a later time.
  • On the other side of the field, the Jets’ injury problems at wide receiver make the Bears’ issues with Robinson’s groin look like a footnote. PFT’s Mike Florio notes that the Jets will take a look at bringing back free agent Terrelle Pryor after Sunday’s game against the Bears. Pryor was released a week ago as he was battling a groin injury of his own. Based on how much injuries have ravaged this group, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pryor back in the fold – it just won’t be against the Bears.
  • Bryce Callahan is really growing on me, so maybe we should get to know him a little better:

  • Over at The Athletic, Jay Glazer talks shop with NFL agent Joel Segal ahead of the NFL trade deadline to give a different perspective on talks. The highlight (at least, from a Bears perspective) is when Segal shares an anecdote about how the Khalil Mack deal went down. It’s amazing how quickly that deal was pushed through.
  • In Friday’s Bullets, we shared that Walter Payton’s dope wheels are up for sale. Here’s an update on how you can own it:

  • Happy birthday to one of the greatest to lace ’em up:

  • The Associated Press reports an arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect in the shooting death of a popular barber whose shop is often a place where Bears players go to get their hair cut. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those impacted by this loss and we hope justice is served.

Author: Luis Medina

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