Khalil Mack Completely Destroyed Detroit (VIDEOs) and Other Bullets

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Khalil Mack Completely Destroyed Detroit (VIDEOs) and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I lost a key fantasy football matchup because I started Alshon Jeffery over Kenny Golladay. OOF! That one hurts. It’s back to the drawing board for a pivotal showdown against *checks notes* “That’s a Paddlin'” in Week 11.

  • Khalil Mack showed no mercy and took no prisoners as he unleashed “holy hell” on the Lions. Enjoy the next two minutes or so:

  • The sacks are great and the pressures are awesome, but Mack’s return wasn’t just about those two things. Look at what his mere presence means to that team. Watch how many opportunities open up for his teammates, because he’s absorbing so much extra attention. Check out how many of them take advantage of the situation by making the plays in front of them. And despite what the Lions did to try and slow Mack down, he was still able to disrupt the passing and running games of Detroit. It’s amazing what this guy does despite being the fact that stopping him is the primary focus of every opposing offensive blocking scheme.
  • I can’t believe the Raiders wanted just two first-round picks for this guy. It almost makes you think they should’ve held out for another.
  • Seriously, I could just watch this from every angle from now until Sunday’s kick-off:

  • If you’re a Raiders fan who takes pride in finding the silver lining in every cloud, you can take solace in that it appears the Las Vegas stadium that will be your team’s home in 2020 is on track with its construction schedule.
  • Speaking of projects, the Bears have one on their hands in trying to re-program kicker Cody Parkey. Perhaps following the Kevin Butler plan could be a good way to get back on the good foot:

  • Meanwhile, Robbie Gould has made 70 of 73 field goal attempts since leaving the Bears after another accurate outing on Monday Night Football in the 49ers’ loss to the Giants. I guess we can now say – with confidence – that Gould’s two-year hiccup in 2014-15 when he connected on just 82.4% of his kicks (or 4.5 percentage points below the average he set over the previous eight years) was just a blip on the radar. Maybe Parkey’s run here is just a blip. Yeah, that’s the ticket!
  • I’m probably a missed PAT away from saying the Bears should just go for two after every touchdown. It’s not like they don’t have the pieces to be an above average team in getting a score from in close. They have the mobile quarterback, two skilled running backs, big-bodied pass-catching targets, sure-footed route-runners, and an aggressive/innovative play caller at their disposal.
  • Speaking of kickers, an old friend finds a home:

  • Were the Bears willing to bring in kickers this week to challenge Parkey, you’d have to think Cairo Santos was at the top of the list of best available options. Cairo Santos was probably the best available kicker on the market. Take out his brief stay in Chicago and Santos has a career success rate of 85.7% on field goals.
  • Oh, you tease:

  • The decision to bench Philip Rivers for Mitch Trubisky is going to be agonizing this week:

  • Since coming off the bye, Trubisky has put up games of 26, 31, 21, and 35 fantasy points. Of course, the one week I started him was in Week 9 when he scored a whopping 7 points against the Bills. Whatever. Maybe my benching him is unlocking secret powers to Trubisky’s success?
  • Back to reality, the debate rages on:

  • This is music to my ears: “Look guys, they’re real. I know the Packers and Vikings are there, but the Bears are real.”
  • They’re 👏 coming 👏 for 👏 everyone 👏:


  • Warms my heart to see stuff like this at this time of year:

  • Well, of course you want to know what next week’s point-spreads look like:

Author: Luis Medina

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