Bears Swagger, Mic'd-Up Jackson, An Incredible Comp for Nagy-Trubisky, and Other Bullets

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Bears Swagger, Mic’d-Up Jackson, An Incredible Comp for Nagy-Trubisky, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m not gonna let minor computer-related annoyances bring me down today. Nope, sure won’t. We’ve got good vibes going on thanks to the first-place Chicago Bears.

  • The mic’d up Bears have been a hoot this year, with the latest being Eddie Jackson:

  • Jackson has been everything Bears fans have been wanting out of a safety for years. That Chicago was able to pluck him with a fourth-round selection in 2017 is a such a stroke of good fortune for an organization that hasn’t had much of it (until recently). Jackson has first-round talent, but injuries and a perception of tackle-reluctance dinged him a bit in the draft. If the NFL got a do-over of the 2017 draft, Jackson would be a first-round pick, no doubt about it.
  • Speaking of first-round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mitch Trubisky won the NFC’s Offensive Player of the Week for his efforts against the Lions. It’s a major award!
  • It must be all those screen passes and dump-offs:

  • NFL insider Jay Glazer LOVES what he’s seeing from the Bears in 2018. Glazer gushes about the new-look NFC North leaders in his mailbag, saying the Matt Nagy coached offense is “doing more than their fair share” in addition to the defense carrying the load. And here’s the money quote: “I think Trubisky and Nagy, these guys could be together for a long time, like Payton and Brees have been, and like Goff and McVay will be.” Giggity.
  • For the record, this isn’t the first time Glazer has dropped the Brees-Payton comp on Trubisky-Nagy. That’s ridiculously high praise from one of the most respected league insiders.
  • More kind words from the leader of the Vikings:

  • Every big play the Bears create is an opportunity to get jiggy with the celebratory fun. Lost in the shuffle on Sunday was this from Prince Amukamara after his interception:

  • Every time I dare to think there’s something that hasn’t been done from a celebratory standpoint, an NFL player pulls a rabbit from his hat. I mean, not literally. But that might actually be the next trick. If someone pulls a rabbit out of their helmet after a touchdown, I’ll be here for it. Hopefully, it wouldn’t lead to a fine.
  • No one on the corner has swagger like us:

  • Vegas has been lovin’ on the Bears this year, but it hasn’t always been the case:

  • Things I’m trying to erase from my memory, but have been unsuccessful in doing so at this point: The Bears being favored against the Packers at home last year and losing to Brett Freakin’ Hundley.
  • I’m not surprised:

  • I mean, of course Tarik Cohen is blowing up in a big way. Cohen’s big year is a direct result of improved scheme and coaching, as well as better decision-making from his quarterback. On top of that, Cohen is playing on 47.1 percent of the team’s offensive snaps – or 11 percentage points more than his rookie season.
  • Let’s put it this way, Cohen was on the field for 40 percent or less in 10 of the 16 games he played as a rookie. That has happened just once this season. The change in offensive philosophy and a fresh set of eyes has put Cohen on the path he is on now. Face it, it’s hard to make an impact when you’re not on the field and your coaches aren’t giving you playing time. Cohen is getting the playing time he deserves and is making the most of it.
  • The answer is (begrudgingly) Brett Favre, right?

  • There’s no way you can convince me that a Favre-led Bears squad paired with some awesome defenses would not have won at least two Super Bowls during his career. Heck, Aaron Rodgers might have a Tom Brady like dynasty if he was backed by some of the high-performing Bears defenses we’ve seen over the years. Sigh.
  • Wow:

  • Keep up the good work, Cody:

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