Can Trubisky Do What Goff and Mahomes Did Last Night? And Other Bullets

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Can Trubisky Do What Goff and Mahomes Did Last Night? And Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Michael was one of a handful of friends who sent me a text this morning sharing a similar thought: “That was the best football game I’ve ever watched.”

Although it wasn’t only about the 105 points scored, that obviously played a major role in why folks were buzzing about last night’s Rams-Chiefs slugfest. There were 144 plays and 1,001 total yards, which comes out to a whopping 6.95 yards per play. The game also included 10 red zone possessions (7 of which resulted in touchdowns) and there were three non-offensive touchdowns scored as well as three field goals. Basically, there was something for everyone.

  • The only thing I’m more excited about than that Monday Night Game being a portrait of the future of football is how Mitch Trubisky can be a part of it. Think about the quarterbacks in last night’s game. Patrick Mahomes is in his first year as a starter, but second year in Andy Reid’s system. There’s no easy number to put on whatever Mahomes gained from sitting behind Alex Smith, but we know he believes it did him a world of good. And Jared Goff is in his third season as a starter, but second year in Sean McVay’s innovative offense. That is what it’s supposed to look like when everything is clicking and a quarterback has a full command of the offense. Trubisky isn’t quite there yet, but he is undoubtedly in a better situation now than he was at this time last year.
  • Plus, comparisons between Goff and Trubisky through this point in their second season (respectively) are uncanny, which should give Bears fans hope for the future. Based on what we’ve seen young quarterbacks do with good coaching and improved offensive game-planning in recent years, it’s not inconceivable that Trubisky can take another step in his development. Because even though Goff’s position coach and offensive coordinator moved on to new jobs this season, the guy is still making strides toward excellence. It can happen, folks.
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  • MNF analyst Jason Witten really did his best to drive home the point that Goff was viewed as a bust after his first year in the pros. And he’s not wrong. The things that were said about Goff are similar to what was being said about Trubisky earlier this season and even now (and in some cases, by the same pundits). That should serve as a nice reminder that it’s OK to not jump to immediate conclusions about a player based on a small sample of games. The idea that development isn’t linear is something I’ve carried with me from the O.G. Bleacher Nation writing about the Cubs. It’s probably something we should keep in mind as the Trubisky experience evolves.
  • Rams at Bears in 19 days, my friends. Goff and Trubisky. Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack. McVay and Matt Nagy. Giddy up!
  • This really hits the mark:

  • I really hate the short week between the Sunday game before Thanksgiving and the games on Thanksgiving. It feels like things are even more condensed than the usual three day period between those two games. Maybe it’s because the Bears are involved. Perhaps it’s because my fantasy team needs drastic changes before I fall out of the playoff race. But at this time of the year, everything seems so packed in.
  • John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago takes us on a trip down memory lane to visit past backup quarterbacks who were thrust into action in trying times. I have fond memories of Jim Miller holding down the fort in 2001 and Kyle Orton doing the same in 2005. On the other hand, the Caleb Hanie experience cost the Bears a playoff spot after a 7-3 start in 2011 and Jason Campbell offered nothing when he replaced a concussed Jay Cutler in 2012. In short, let’s hope Trubisky is healthy enough to give the Bears a strong finish down the stretch.
  • Head Coach Matt Nagy is scheduled to meet the media at Halas Hall around 11:50 AM and Trubisky is expected to follow. We’re expecting big news on Trubisky (hopefully the good kind), so be sure to check back in and keep your fingers crossed.
  • What can be done to make sure Akiem Hicks’ family is in town every Sunday? Asking for a friend:

  • This is one heckuva stat:

  • Roll Tide, indeed.
  • Art is beautiful:

  • The Bears want to pump you up:

  • Love to see it:

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