Legendary Praise For Jackson, Mack and DWade Link Up Courtside, Ditka Update, and Other Bullets

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Legendary Praise For Jackson, Mack and DWade Link Up Courtside, Ditka Update, and Other Bullets

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Today is commonly referred to as Small Business Saturday, a proverbial retail holiday sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday where shoppers are encouraged to get out and support local businesses. And while I often shop locally, I always try to find myself supporting my favorite local joints on this particular day. At the top of my list this year are Amy’s Candy Bar, which has my favorite snack – chocolate-covered gummy bears. Yum!

  • There is no smooth transition to be made here, but here’s a video that will bring a smile to your face:

  • The best holidays are the ones that are free from family drama and feature good food, friends, and football.
  • I dropped an Ed Reed comp on Eddie Jackson in this Friday piece because I can’t recall another safety who had high-end ball skills, a flair for the dramatic, and the knack for making big plays in opportune moments. So to see Jackson pay homage to the legend had me feeling some type of way:

  • As did Ed Reed’s response:

  • In case you’re unfamiliar with Reed’s résumé, hang with me here for a minute because it’s a doozy. Reed was a nine-time Pro Bowler, five-time first-team All-Pro, 2004 AP Defensive Player of the Year, and a Super Bowl Champion. He led the NFL in interceptions three time, had seven seasons in which he collected five interceptions or more, forced 11 fumbles, recovered 13, and scored nine defensive touchdowns in 12 seasons. Reed is an all-time great and future Hall of Famer whenever his time comes up. So while I think it would be foolish to say Eddie Jackson is the second coming of Ed Reed, I believe it’s understandable to see how Jackson’s flashes are reminiscent of a player who came before him. That’s as good as it gets.
  • To be clear, Jackson has a ways to go before he reaches Reed’s stratosphere, but you can see a path to him being that type of impact player. But if that’s what’s on deck, then sign me up.
  • it’s an impressive one. … If that’s what’s on deck, then sign me up.
  • Jackson is on his way to a Pro Bowl, as is star pass-rusher Khalil Mack. Brian Baldinger’s breakdowns are informative, entertaining, and much-needed after a game that saw Mack neutralized – at least to the un-trained eye. Mack was held without a sack for the first time since Week 7, collected just one tackle, and came up with only one quarterback hit. But watch how Mack still impacts a game without needing to completely take it over:

  • I’ve often read and heard about Mack having a LeBron-like impact on his team. And while some see it as the ability to take over and dominate, I also see it in Mack’s ability to facilitate for his teammates the way James’ presence creates open shots for jump shooters. Sometimes, the beauty in sport is in the game within the game.
  • Speaking of basketball goodness, this was a cool gesture by the Bulls:

  • Just don’t get any ideas, Bulls. He’s busy until February.
  • Gotta love when one great player shows love for another:

  • Did you pick up that conversation? Wade: “You know my Sundays are made when you win.” Mack: “We’re gonna keep rolling for you, bro.” YEP, I’ve got goosebumps.
  • It will be criminal if Akiem Hicks isn’t joining Jackson and Mack at the Pro Bowl because he continues to be a monster who wrecks opponents at (and behind) the line of scrimmage:

  • Celebrating a big win with your alma mater is one way to celebrate a Victory Friday. Well done, Anthony Miller:

  • #BearsTwitter has grown into a thing this year and I’m totally here for it. And you better believe I’m here for #AtBears breathing life into it all. Spice Adams turning #BearsSingToAnything and the Bears (and their most creative fans) picking it up was everything we needed to get through Friday:


Author: Luis Medina

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