Anthony Miller Gets Us Super-Hyped For Sunday Night and Other Bullets

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Anthony Miller Gets Us Super-Hyped For Sunday Night and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I didn’t get to keep the very cool Dirty Santa gift, but it was fun having it in my possession while it lasted. At least I came away with 12 pairs of socks, because who doesn’t need socks?

  • Anthony Miller cut a wicked promo and I think it’s worth kicking off this round of Bullets:

  • “Doubt doesn’t exist to true believers. No matter what we show, they’re still going to doubt. But we believe … in us, our city, and in our team. And when they say we can’t beat the best on Sunday night, we say believe.” Chills.
  • That hype video jarred a thought that had been rolling around in my head the last few days. I think this could be one of those games Anthony Miller thrives. Miller lines up in the slot on 68 percent of his snaps and with that in mind, I can’t help but to think of Adam Thielen (8 catches, 135 yards, 1 TD), Chris Conley (7-74-2), and Tyler Lockett (8-165-2 in two combined games) as receivers who line up in the slot at least 50 percent of the time who have had big games against the Rams. And if we drop that number to 45 percent, we can tack on Tyreek Hill (10-215-2) and Emmanuel Sanders (7-115-1). I feel better about the possibility of big-game production from Bears receivers than I have in the last two weeks.
  • That’s because this guy is back:

  • An intimidating Rams defense should be a bit improved with the healthy return of cornerback Aqib Talib, who dropped an otherworldly comp on Mitch Trubisky earlier in the week:

  • Cam Newton is a league MVP and Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl, so these are quarterbacks you’d want Mitch Trubisky to be compared to. All three have passer ratings of 97 or better and at least 20 touchdown passes. Newton runs it more often, but Trubisky has a better yards/carry average. Wilson runs it less than he used to, but is always a threat. In any case, it’s likely that Trubisky has caught Talib’s eye during film study at some point.
  • Trubisky’s legs have potential to play a major role in this game:

  • I didn’t realize that 50 percent of his rush attempts result in first downs. I mean, I should have been able to guess that because there have been so many times his runs have created something out of nothing. Just do a little more to protect yourself when sliding, sir.
  • Also, re-watch those rushing highlights. Trubisky looks like a natural running back with how he carries the ball and protects it. Plenty of quarterbacks can use their mobility to their advantage, but can often leave the ball exposed for strips. Trubisky doesn’t do that with how he carries it when he runs, which allows him to gain that yardage and – most importantly – retain possession.
  • Look at all this production on the defensive side of the ball:

  • Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a good night to be an offensive lineman.
  • Unless you’re a Bears offensive lineman, and that’s because no team has been called for fewer holding penalties than the Bears:

  • The Harry Hiestand Effect is real … and spectacular!
  • Elsewhere on the defensive side of the ball, who’s up for another Eddie Jackson pick-six?

  • Don’t forget about Kyle Fuller and his six interceptions, which are tied for the NFC lead:

  • It’s a big game for the Bears and their fans, but also a big game for the sports books:

  • This is something I’ve never considered:

  • After reading that thread, I kinda want Chase Daniel to drop some bars and stunt on Dallas, Washington, and some other contenders. Just for fun, of course.

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