Don't Bother Mitch Trubisky About Aaron Rodgers or His High School Nickname

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Don’t Bother Mitch Trubisky About Aaron Rodgers or His High School Nickname

Chicago Bears

I got a kick out of Prince Amukamara referring to the Packers as “That Team In Wisconsin” during the offseason. To me, it symbolized a moment where I thought to myself: the rivalry is back – even if it was a cheeky, college-style way of getting the juices flowing during the summer.

Months later, it’s evident that Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky is embracing the spirit of the thing, too:

Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times gets to the origins of Trubisky’s (now former) nickname, which came from his high school OC Jeff Grubich.

“We were in a game and he’s rolling to the right and he plants and tries to throw the football all the way back to the left,” Grubich told Jahns. “It gets picked off and taken to the house. He comes back to the sideline, and he’s all just fired up at himself and I go, ‘Who the hell do you think you are? Brett Favre?'”

A talented quarterback who throws dangerous (and oftentimes fun) passes and often has you doing the “No! No! No! OHMYGOODNESS YES!” thing when you watch him play? Yeah, I can see where that particular nickname comes from … and why Trubisky would want to stray away from it.

As for being asked about his admiration for Packers star signal caller Aaron Rodgers, who gets showered with adoration from quarterbacks far and wide? Nah, Trubisky doesn’t have time for that. Thoughts on the “Favre” nickname he earned in high school? “I’m done with that nickname.” Wow. That’s not just letting the past die, that’s killing it with one true strike. I must say, I’m smitten with feisty Mitch.

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