The Bears Defense Always Brings the Heat and Other Bullets

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The Bears Defense Always Brings the Heat and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

My last day in Vegas is always one I spend budgeting, hedging with futures that have a chance at paying off or at least keeping me interested, and getting an aqua massage. Today will be a good day.


  • Akiem Hicks’ roar is enough to get anyone fired up on a Thursday.
  • When I think of defense, I think of attitude and energy … and the Bears brought plenty of both last week against the Rams. More often than not, Chicago’s defense brings the heat at every level. And as you saw (and heard) in the mic’d up clip above, a lot of the good things that happen for that unit start up front and then trickle through to everyone else. So long as everyone on that side of the ball continues to feed off it, good things will happen.
  • OMG:


  • I’m ridiculously intrigued by the OVER in this scenario:

  • For what it’s worth, Mitch Trubisky can conceivably hit the OVER this year by leading the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance. Wouldn’t that be something?
  • When it comes to wagering totals, I have thoughts. First, if you’re not betting the over, then you’re not really having fun. Rooting for action (whether it’s points or wins) is a natural instinct that’s hard to suppress. On the other hand, rooting against action is just tempting fate and that’s when the over comes in.
  • From a logical perspective, the Bears have a chance to get in the playoffs every year so long as Khalil Mack is leading this type of defensive ferocity. And thus, Trubisky has a chance to to start a playoff game every year. Trubisky’s health and development as a passer will ultimately tell the story of his career. If he takes the right steps, then the over is coming in with no doubts. But if his running puts him in danger and/or development stalls at some point in the near future, then the under is the play. But since I like to root for things, I’ll go with the over.
  • Embrace debate:

  • An ex-Cowboys cornerback chose the current Cowboys quarterback. This is my shocked face.
  • It’s been a fun week to watch and listen to Deion Sanders. For example, Sanders suggested that you could wipe away the Rams loss to the Bears because it was cold and the California team was destined to struggle in those elements. He also added that he’d pay no mind to the Patriots loss against the Dolphins because it was in Miami. Huh? I’d be more willing to give those arguments weight if they came with some bullet points worth following up with, but c’mon man.
  • The development of young players surrounding Trubisky will help his cause, too. Rookie left guard James Daniels dished on what it was like to protect against Aaron Donald, which just seems like a nightmarish scenario for anyone to take on. “No defensive tackle I’ve ever played has played like that,” Daniels said, via John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago. “He protects his chest and that’s why offensive linemen have trouble. You’re trying to ‘punch’ him but he protects and there’s nothing you can punch. He’s at an angle. That’s why he’s so good. If you really look at tape, you see how he protects, and he was doing a great job every play of keeping his hands inside.” Wow. Talk about getting some inside football perspective.
  • Donald is a load, so to see Daniels hold his own and neutralize a tip-top game-changer was something to admire.
  • Your favorite fantasy running back could never:

  • Imagine forgetting to set your lineup on that day. Yikes.
  • To be honest, this annoyed me at first but it wasn’t a thing I noticed as the game went on. It was just jarring from the outset:

  • Perhaps the Cubs skipper can take some tips from the Bears boss on bringing back some flair and creativity:

  • Or perhaps the Cubs’ front office can take a page out of the Bears’ playbook, sign all the good players, draft contributors in every round, and let the coaching staff figure out where it all fits together. Just a thought.
  • ‘Tis the season:

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