"Nobody Wants to Play in the Pro Bowl" and Other Bullets

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“Nobody Wants to Play in the Pro Bowl” and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

There was a valuable lesson to be learned during my Christmas shopping adventure yesterday, and it’s that you shouldn’t shop on an empty stomach. Believe me, I enjoyed my warm and chewy chocolate chip cookie … but that really shouldn’t count as dinner.

  • Of course the Bears are happy to be sending five players to the Pro Bowl and seven alternates who could join them at the NFL’s annual all-star game. It’s just that it’s not the game players want to play in. “Nobody wants to play in the Pro Bowl,” said Pro Bowl return specialist Tarik Cohen, via Cam Ellis of NBC Sports Chicago. “You want to go to the Super Bowl.”
  • Danny Trevathan let it all hang out on this episode of Mic’d Up:

  • And once again, a Mitch Trubisky pre-game pep talk caught on Mic’d Up – even if it’s short and sweet – has me wanting to throw on a helmet and some shoulder pads so I can hit something.
  • Trevathan was the perfect player to have mic’d up for Week 15 and it turns out he was the right guy at the right time for the Bears. Think about where this team was when they signed him. The Bears didn’t have any presence in the middle of their defense and their group of linebackers didn’t provide much resistance against opposing running games. Since Trevathan has stepped in, he has provided the fire and passion that good inside linebackers bring to the table, but more importantly, the production. Finally healthy, Trevathan is on pace for his first 100-tackle season since 2015 (which his last year in Denver) and sounds set to embark on another postseason journey.
  • On the other side of the field, I find myself thinking about Allen Robinson, because he’s set to get his first taste of playoff football. It’s easy to feel good for Robinson, who on top of working back from what was a season-ending knee injury, is about to receive an opportunity to shine on an even bigger stage. Remember, Robinson was sidelined during the Jaguars’ breakthrough postseason run and the team was 11-37 in his first three seasons. You can bet being part of a playoff-clinching game meant a lot to him.
  • Along the same wavelength, Kyle Long probably feels good about the possibility of practicing this week. And I feel like rocking some new cleats is a good sign he is inching closer to it:

  • The offensive line never gets the love it should, which is why I always appreciate when a quarterback steps up for his guys on the front line when in front of the mic:

  • There is a non-zero percent chance that the Bears’ offensive line is performing better because they’re being tested every day by an elite defense:

  • I’m not saying they’re good because they practice against a tip-top defense. But I am saying that I believe in the concept that steel sharpens steel and there is so much improvement that can be made when you test yourself at the highest level.
  • Mitchell Trubisky … welcome to the Beard Gang:

  • Is there a Lombardi Trophy under this tree? If not, put it on the list:


  • If you get Madden for Christmas, make sure you update the roster because the Bears are a team on the rise:


  • No one has milked a second-place finish as much as the 49ers have in the wake of finishing behind the Bears in the Khalil Mack sweepstakes:

  • We get it. Your team tried and it makes sense that this is a tact employed while trying to save face during a down season. But c’mon now, enough is enough.
  • What in the world did I just witness?


  • Heartwarming stuff during the holiday season:

Author: Luis Medina

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