Cody Parkey's Season-Ending Double-Doink Was Apparently Tipped at the Line (But Also, Whatever)

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Cody Parkey’s Season-Ending Double-Doink Was Apparently Tipped at the Line (But Also, Whatever)

Chicago Bears


I was a bit too emotionally raw to do much of anything with this when it first crossed the wires last night (I still am, honestly), but Cody Parkey’s season-ending field goal attempt was apparently tipped at the line of scrimmage by Treyvon Hester.

Might as well take a look at the evidence:

So technically, the sounds of a season ending were a double-doink, a thud, and whatever sound is made when fingertips make contact with a football. (Michael: Don’t forget the sound of a grown man (me) crying).

In hindsight, it would’ve been nice to have this view (and the attendant perspective) in the immediate aftermath of the kick, but let’s be honest: it wouldn’t have changed anything. Parkey missed the kick that would have sent the Bears to the next round of the playoffs and that’s that. It happened. Doesn’t really matter why, especially when the misses became so high-profile and frequent as the season went on.

Now, obviously, the loss wasn’t entirely Parkey’s fault (how about scoring more than 15 points at home, to start?). So if you want to play the what-if game, I’ll help you out. But be warned, I don’t think it’ll make you feel better:

  • What if the Bears could have stopped the Eagles from converting 46% of their third-down attempts?
  • What if the NFL’s best regular-season defense could have completed a goal-line stand with a fourth-down stop?
  • What if an offense that scored touchdowns on 63.2% of its red zone trips scored one in their three on Sunday?
  • What if Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson had decided not to ice Parkey on the last attempt? 
  • What if Hester didn’t get a hand on it?

Yeah, I think I actually feel worse now.

At the end of the day, whether Parkey was going to miss that kick no matter what or Hester’s hand really changed the trajectory of the ball, the Bears lost and a surprisingly magical season is now over. All I can tell you is it’s okay to feel ticked off. That was about as frustrating as endings get.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Michael Cerami contributed to this post. 

Author: Luis Medina

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