The Fallout From Cody Parkey's Miss Continues and Other Bullets

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The Fallout From Cody Parkey’s Miss Continues and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Between the Bears success on the field and their lack of picks in the first two-rounds, I wasn’t as dialed in to college football as I had been in previous years. So when I turned into college football’s championship game long enough to regret not putting any future wagers on Clemson when I had a chance, I had no interest to see it through. Congrats to the new champs, who proved anything is possible, including beating a 7.5-point spread in impressive fashion.

  • This Bears tribute video hit me right in the feels:

  • Who decided it was OK to cut onions near my computer on a Tuesday?
  • The more I see video of Parkey’s kick being tipped, the more painful the loss becomes. Because now that we know it was tipped, it makes sense why Parkey told Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune he felt he hit a good ball. It’s possible that he did. But physics being what it they are, even the slightest touch could change flight path or direction. Ugh. I hate science.
  • We’ll never know how the kick would have turned out had it not been altered, but that it was altered matters enough to keep me up at night thinking about that (and the many other) “what-ifs?” that happened in that game.
  • At least players, celebrities, and fans came to Parkey’s defense:

  • NBC Sports Chicago’s JJ Stankevitz and Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel had great pieces on players backing up Parkey after the game. It’s stuff like that which made this Bears team much more likable than ones before it. The John Fox teams played as one, but felt like two different functioning bodies. As for the Marc Trestman years, we all know how that ended with in-fighting. The 2018 Bears felt like a 53-man roster pulling from the same side of the rope. And it was a glorious ride until the final doink-doink-thud that ended the season.
  • Seeing Bobby Massie as the first guy consoling Parkey after the missed kick is only fitting. Few Bears have been put through the ringer like Massie during his time in Chicago. Massie was a popular target of criticism despite being a pillar of consistency and durability. He had his best year in 2018 and will become a free agent, so the Bears have a decision to make regarding his future. But we’re still a bit raw after Sunday’s loss, so we won’t dive deeply into his future at this moment.
  • My good friend Steve shot some pre-game footage from his seats while watching Parkey warm up and had some unique observations:

  • How can you not love a man-on-the-scene perspective? Thanks, pal.
  • We don’t necessarily need all of the angles from Cody Parkey’s missed field goal from Sunday’s loss, but the Chicago Tribune’s photo staff did such a good job, this was simply too good not to share:

  • The Bears are out of their playoffs, but their legacy rolls on:

  • Ex-Lions coach Jim Schwartz getting the best of the Bears really grinds my gears:

  • I’m going to miss marveling at Khalil Mack go to work on a weekly basis:

  • Don’t be (checks notes) “Turd Ferguson” while on Charles Robinson’s watch:

  • Surely, Jon Gruden will paint the Raiders as the *BIG* winners of Wild-Card Weekend:

  • The real winner of last weekend’s NFL action might have been Andy Reid, as well as the assistant coaches under him who could rise up the coaching ranks and get head-coaching gigs elsewhere in the future:

  • Throwback:

  • There was an opportunity to cash out for some wise investors who could r:

  • The only highlight you needed to see from the Clemson-Alabama game:

  • A Bullet with college football and NFL Draft ties that could, in a roundabout way, impact the Bears:

  • Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. has declared for the NFL Draft. The Ohio State star will forgo his final two seasons of college eligibility to enter the draft and play with the pros. With Haskins reportedly receiving a first-round grade and Oregon’s Justin Herbert returning to play his senior season at Oregon, it’s Haskins who could very well be the first QB taken in the 2019 draft. And if he goes high enough, Haskins could bump a position player (who otherwise wouldn’t be there) down to the Lions (8th pick) and Packers (12th).

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.