LOL: Tarik Cohen is Seeking Revenge on the Hardwood โ€ฆ And a 30-Day Contract with the Bulls (VIDEO)

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LOL: Tarik Cohen is Seeking Revenge on the Hardwood … And a 30-Day Contract with the Bulls (VIDEO)

Chicago Bears

Tarik Cohen has some new-found free time on his hands and is taking his talents to the basketball courts:

It’s been a while since I have spent my winter putting up shots, but there aren’t too many better ways to spend an offseason than by getting buckets. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a perfectly wonderful way to pass the time until it’s time to put on shoulder pads and helmets again. Of course, Cohen has a little more motivation to do so after this:

OH NO. That’s not how that’s supposed to happen.

But it’s OK, Tarik. The highlights never tell the full story anyway.

Cohen is sick and tired of taking losses this week and he will not stand for it. And when he returns to the gym for his revenge game, you better believe he won’t be alone.

I hope video of the rematch emerges because we all know how much people love sequels. Someone throw this on Bears-TV, FOX Sports 1, ESPN: The Ocho, Periscope, or anywhere we can consume this game. It’s a long offseason and we need to pass the time in the most entertaining ways possible. Do it for us, guys.

Assuming things go well for Cohen and he exacts his revenge, there is an obvious next step to take:

He can’t be worse than former Tank Commander Cam Payne!ย Cohen shouldn’t let the set-back above keep him from achieving his goals. Everyone loves two-sport players and we wouldn’t mind seeing the Bulls become a tad-bit more interesting on a nightly basis.

Author: Luis Medina

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