Let's Enjoy the Heck Out of These Mitch Trubisky Highlights and Dream of a Wonderful Future

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Let’s Enjoy the Heck Out of These Mitch Trubisky Highlights and Dream of a Wonderful Future

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When the NFL’s official Twitter page dropped a tweet sharing Mitch Trubisky’s best highlights from the 2018 season, I found myself wondering how they could limit it to just 10. And yet, I couldn’t stop watching these 10 plays on loop. So now, I will share them with you:

There is so much to love in that 3 minute, 26 second clip I can hardly contain myself. Trubisky made a living off making “wow” plays throughout the year, so they weren’t going to capture all of his best moments. Among the low-key misses are his stellar season opening-drive against Green Bay, an absolute strike to Trey Burton in the Week 15 rematchthis roll-out throw in Week 2 against Seattle, some more on-the-move action against Detroit, this dime on the road at Buffalo, or any number of touchdown tosses against Tampa. Heck, I’m sure I’m missing one somewhere along the line.

And there were so many memorable moments:

I don’t like to dip my toes into cross-sport comparisons often, but watching Trubisky play conjures up similar feelings to when I watch Cubs shortstop Javier Baez. The “wow” plays are breath-taking. The tools are loud and the athleticism is there. Sure, there will be head-scratching decisions and frustrations along the way. But there is more good than bad and the great moments allow you to dream on a day where you see him put it all together. Maybe that makes Patrick Mahomes the quarterbacking version of Francisco Lindor, who I believe is baseball’s best shortstop. And perhaps that makes Deshaun Watson’s shortstop comparison Carlos Correa, a proven star with championship mettle and still room for growth. Through that lens, it should really put some things in perspective.

Trubisky took an undeniable leap in his development as a second year, made some strides as a situational passer, and made some baller throws in the fourth quarter of the playoff game. There are still boxes Trubisky needs to check before he moves up the quarterbacking charts, but he put together quite the highlight reel in his first season in a real NFL offense. I can’t wait to see what he does next season.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.