Draft Weekend Re-Visited, Something to Celebrate, Pro Bowl QB Talk, and Other Bullets

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Draft Weekend Re-Visited, Something to Celebrate, Pro Bowl QB Talk, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Every morning I wake up, look outside my window, and hope the snow has melted away. And every morning, I wake up disappointed. Winter will be over soon enough. In the meantime, I suppose events such as the Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl will hold me over until Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Yesterday, we discussed how the Bears’ 2017 draft class looks better now than it did at first blush in the eyes of many – drafting two All-Pros and three Pro Bowlers is pretty good. Of course, none of that was to say the class was perfect. Far from it, actually. It’s crazy to think about how a pretty good class could have been significantly better, but it’s a reality for Bears fans. Adam Shaheen (Round 2, Pick 45) has yet to provide a steady impact, while players drafted shortly after including receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster (Round 2, Pick 62), running back Alvin Kamara (Round 3, Pick 67), receiver Cooper Kupp (Round 3, Pick 69), and receiver Kenny Golladay (Round 3, Pick 96) are among the standouts who could’ve been Bears in an alternate universe.
  • But still … at least Shaheen had pro-caliber size and athleticism working for him to create upside worth dreaming on. The more egregious misstep was the selection of offensive lineman Jordan Morgan in the fifth round. Morgan was a project offensive lineman while solid potential contributors were on the board. Morgan (Round 5, Pick 147) went ahead of defensive back/kick returner Desmond King (Round 5, Pick 151), kicker Jake Elliott (Round 5, Pick 153), and  running back Aaron Jones (Round 5, Pick 182). So while the Bears drafted well in 2017, it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest it could have been *much* better. (Michael: Of course, you can say that for almost any team).
  • There was still so much to celebrate in 2018, so let’s take a moment to do that … in style:

  • It’s always a blast when I get to talk with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman on CLTV’s SportsFeed, and it’s even better when we get to chat about a Pro Bowl quarterback:

  • There’s more football talk (and even some baseball chatter) in the full segment, which you can watch here.
  • Whether it’s fantasy or reality, Mitch Trubisky definitely made some serious steps toward being a better quarterback:

  • I thought it was interesting that the Bears used Trubisky as front-and-center of its announcement of the team’s future game in London against the Raiders when it would have been easy to put Khalil Mack in the middle. But I suppose we’ll have plenty of chances to discuss the ramifications of this revenge game.
  • Between now and then, we have some planning to do if we want to take our talents to London and watch the Bears overseas. I found these tips worth bookmarking and sharing:

  • Some mixed emotions here:

  • On one hand, a part of me is looking forward to seeing Jackson play. There aren’t too many Bears defensive backs who have been worthy of being a Pro Bowl starter in recent years. And if he plays, it will ease my mind for his playing status in 2019 after not seeing him the final three games of the season. Then again, I almost want to put him in protective bubble wrap and not have him suit up until absolutely necessary. I’m so torn.
  • If I ever try to find work on an NFL sideline, this is the job I want:


  • If you were looking for the most galaxy-brained reason why the Bears didn’t get a first-round by in the playoffs, The MMQB’s Gary Gramling has you covered.
  • A record 135 college players are early entrants into the 2019 NFL Draft, per Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith. I feel as if this could be favorable to the Bears, who have a limited number of draft picks. This wave of early entrants could lead to some players who would otherwise be drafted ending up as undrafted free agents. Perhaps this is where the Bears can make waves and make up for not having picks.
  • Mouth-reading is fun:

  • As are Super Bowl props:

  • I meant to put this in yesterday’s Bullets because I can’t get enough of quality offensive line play:


  • Better late than never, right?
  • Speaking of being better late than never, how about repairing that bridge and extending an invitation to Robbie Gould, who in attendance at Sunday’s Blackhawks game was with his family:

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