Urlacher Says It Shouldn't Have Come Down to Parkey's Double-Doink, But "(Expletive) Happens"

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Urlacher Says It Shouldn’t Have Come Down to Parkey’s Double-Doink, But “(Expletive) Happens”

Chicago Bears

Cody Parkey has taken an overwhelming chunk of the blame for the Bears’ playoff loss to the Eagles on Wild-Card Weekend because of his game-ending double-doink, but one franchise icon isn’t willing to put the blame squarely on the kicker’s right foot.

In a Q&A with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher expressed his belief that while Parkey should have made the kick, he shouldn’t have been in a situation to win or lose the game in the first place.

“It should have never gotten to that kick,” Urlacher said. “The defense should have stopped them. And I think every one of those defensive players will tell you the same thing. Sure, maybe the offense could have done more. But those defensive players should understand that they should have found a way to get a stop so that it never got to that kick. But it did. And he should have made the kick. And he didn’t. Yeah, it got tipped, blocked, whatever. (Expletive ) happens, man. (Expletive) happens.”

(Expletive) happens. That’s as succinct as it gets when talking about the double-doink heard ’round the world, isn’t it?

Urlacher touches all bases here. The offense absolutely could have done more. And based on their second-half production and late-game efforts, they probably should have done more against a secondary that Mitch Trubisky was able to pick apart in the fourth quarter after making adjustments during halftime.

The special teams unit could have done more to aid in the battle. After all, Pat O’Donnell uncorked a bad punt at the worst time possible that set the Eagles up with prime field position at the 4:48 mark in the fourth quarter. Even faced with a short field, the league’s top scoring defense could have done more to make a last-gasp stop against the Eagles. There were third-down conversions that could have been denied, which could have put the Bears in a spot to win with a fourth-down stoppage before the one that came at the goal line. If you think about all the things that happened to get to a point where Parkey was deciding the game, then it’s easy to see things from Urlacher’s point of view.

And while it’s difficult to place blame on a defense that allowed just 16 points, it’s easy to understand where Urlacher is coming from. After all, his Bears were in similar spots throughout the years where the defense needed to bail out the offense and did it successfully. Heck, the 2018 Bears defense did it at times throughout the regular season. Unfortunately, that group came up one stop short when the calendar turned to January. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. What a shame.

Author: Luis Medina

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