Mic'd Up Mitch, Tarik's Passing TDs, Zero Dark 10, Hicks, Pro Bowl Livin', and Other Bullets

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Mic’d Up Mitch, Tarik’s Passing TDs, Zero Dark 10, Hicks, Pro Bowl Livin’, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I jumped into group chat to help me choose whether I wanted to order pan or stuffed pizza for dinner, only to choose thin crust when it was time to make my final decision. But, um, shout out to my friends for their advice and input. It was ultimately helpful in the end.

  • He’s baaaaaaaack:

  • We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Mitch Trubisky’s second-year leap in terms of his overall development and individual statistical improvements, but the mic’d up Trubisky reveals that his growth isn’t limited to the tangible. Just listening to him yak it up out there reminds me of how much he’s moved forward since being a relatively shy guy behind the mic as a rookie. It’s a small step, but one we shouldn’t overlook because quarterbacks with strong personalities tend to be the ones teammates gravitate to and want to play hard for when they’re on the field. Keep it up, QB1.
  • Do you guys remember when Tarik Cohen’s first passing touchdown? Of course you do. And you probably know he followed up with his second touchdown toss in the middle of this past season. With that in mind, you can see why the Pro Bowl return specialist has his eyes on Trubisky’s gig:


  • Alright, so Trubisky’s job as QB1 isn’t in peril. But Cohen’s throws should be enough to give defenses pause when they see him in the backfield because he is a threat to throw at any time and in any given moment. And if the Bears ever need an emergency quarterback in a worst case scenario, Cohen might be the guy Matt Nagy turns to in a pinch.
  • Trubisky has made a triumphant return to social media:

  • Late in the season, Trubisky spoke about leaving social media for his mental health in what was dubbed “Zero Dark Thirty 10” or “Zero Dark 10” in some circles. But with the 2018 campaign in the books, it’s safe for Trubisky to come out and play with others. LeBron James does this during the NBA’s postseason and I’m certain that the Ohio-born Trubisky is following the Akron native’s lead. Hey! If it’s good enough for No. 23, it should be good enough for QB1. For the record, I love social media. But there are times where I wish I could just turn it off and step away for a few months.
  • Imagine having to deal with these guys if you were messing with Trubisky on social media:


  • After a couple of years of being on the outside looking in, there is no Bears player I’m happier to see experiencing life at the Pro Bowl more than Akiem Hicks:

  • Over at the Bears’ official site, Larry Mayer caught up with safety Eddie Jackson who is getting set to play his first game action since Week 15 of the NFL regular season. Jackson is definitely looking forward to the experience. “It’s a wonderful feeling, it’s a great feeling,” Jackson told the Bears’ official site. “It’s a blessing to be out here around these guys, guys that you looked up to, you watched in college and high school play, and now you’re sharing a field with them.”
  • I have a few jitters about Jackson playing on Sunday, but if he can show that his ankle is fully healed, then I’ll feel good about it. In fact, seeing Jackson play pain free with my own eyes will make me feel better than I would have if my last images of him playing were suffering the injury against Green Bay. Perhaps this would be good for all of us.
  • Squad goals:

  • My gut feeling says Zack Pearson is onto something here:

  • The Bears don’t have gobs of money they can throw at free agents this spring. But what they do have are clear needs and enough financial wiggle room under the salary cap to make some interesting additions. Frankly, I can’t wait to see what this front office has for a follow up after last offseason’s successful wave of additions.
  • Maybe there is a particular kicker they have in mind who could be a free agent if the 49ers don’t apply the franchise tag to keep him. But if the Bears don’t get Robbie Gould, they’ll have to turn to the draft or the post-draft process to find some competition. That search is officially underway … and now we have some Cole Tracy highlights:

  • A game winning kick against a rival on the road? Swoon.
  • An old friend gets a new job:


  • When watching the Bulls and experiencing life as a Bulls fan, there are times where I find myself feeling similar to how I felt when watching the Marc Trestman and John Fox Bears teams. With that being said, I made some comparisons of my own on this week’s Talkin’ Toros podcast in what I think was our best episode to date:

  • Amazon’s Deals of the Day today include one of those awesome Dyson vacuums. I’ve got one of those things as soon as a I got a dog, and oh baby does it help. There’s also a sound bar, some puzzles, and a little protein powder.

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