Watch Mitch Trubisky Sling His Way Through Some Precision Passing Challenges

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Watch Mitch Trubisky Sling His Way Through Some Precision Passing Challenges

Chicago Bears

The 2019 Pro Bowl is set for this Sunday in Orlando, Fla., and with eight total players on the roster (seven who are playing), including quarterback Mitch Trubisky, the Chicago Bears are very well-represented. Woo! Yay for having good players!

But if you caught the bullets earlier today, you’ll know that game itself is just the finale. Before the first whistle blows on Sunday, the NFL likes to have a little fun with the all-stars with some friendly competition. In fact, there’s a whole series of skill games – including dodgeball (LOL) – and they’re surprisingly enjoyable. My personal favorite this time around, however, was the Precision Passing Challenge.

Check out Mitch Trubisky trying his best to nail some moving targets:

Considering the season started with a narrative that Trubisky couldn’t throw left, it was nice to see him hit that deep left target early on. But also … whew baby, there were a lot of misses in there. Trubisky was actually more accurate than Andrew Luck, though, so that’s good to see.

Beyond that competition, Trubisky was used again as the thrower for the Best Hands competition, so if you’re dying to see him toss a few more balls, this one is pretty fun, too:

Here’s hoping the Packers don’t sign this gigantic 9-foot wall to their defense. 

In the end, the NFC won the Pro Bowl skills competition, which means Mitch Trubisky is a winning quarterback. And no one can take that away from him. Ever.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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