Khalil Mack's Week 1 Performance Sparked a Raiders Players Meeting and Other Bullets

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Khalil Mack’s Week 1 Performance Sparked a Raiders Players Meeting and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The snow has all but melted away, but it has left my back yard looking mushy. I suppose it’s better than the alternative of my backyard looking like Hoth, but I’m just ready for the grass to look green and lively because I’m already over the month of February.

  • How good were the Bears? The Raiders were holding team meetings after Khalil Mack’s awesomeness was on display in Week 1. Listen to ex-Raiders receiver Amari Cooper tell the story during Super Bowl week:

  • But seriously, The Bears were good, y’all:

  • WELP. At least you can’t say the Patriots didn’t earn their Super Bowl win:

  • If you put it in that light, then the Patriots’ Super Bowl season was nothing short of remarkable. On top of winning the whole enchilada, they did so by beating the NFL’s MVP (twice), Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Comeback Player of the Year. Sometimes you have to tip your cap to the better team when they are pulling off those types of feats.
  • How many of award winners will the Bears knock off next year en route to their Super Bowl win? Better yet, how many awards will they bring in on Super Bowl Saturday before hoisting the Lombardi trophy?
  • Even though the popular line of thinking among Bears fans is that the team was one Cody Parkey kick from putting themselves in a position to play a Super Bowl that was ultimately won by defensive excellence, I struggle to get all the way there. I can see that timeline, but it’s hard to fully commit. HOWEVER, a wider scan of the bigger picture allows me to think about the many reasons the Bears can make it back to the postseason. Even if the schedule appears to be tough as nails.
  • Further maturation from Mitch Trubisky at quarterback and improvements from a coaching standpoint by Matt Nagy could go a long way toward helping a defense that could drive even the best offenses nuts go all the way in Super Bowl LIV. Having a big-legged kicker would help, too.
  • Allen Robinson’s first touchdown reception as a member of the Bears will always be memorable to me:

  • If you want to see next year’s team, you’ll have to be prepared with digital tickets. It’s not something all fans are ready to deal with just yet, writes Mitchell Armentrout of the Chicago Sun-Times. This situation tears me to bits. On one hand, I love the convenience of having mobile tickets. Because while I’ve never lost a paper ticket in my life, I’m not bloody likely to loose my mobile phone. Then again, thefts of mobile devices are becoming all too common these days. On the other hand, I love having the paper ticket as a souvenir. I have binders of paper tickets from games I attended over the years that I keep in a safe place when I want to feel nostalgic. Sigh. Where is the happy medium when you need it?
  • This man must be stopped before he passes George S. Halas:

  • It would be fitting if the Bears prevented Belichick from passing Halas for most NFL titles, and doing so on his birth date would really take the cake. And as far as one online sports book is concerned, Chicago is well-positioned to do just that:

  • This is somewhat encouraging, so long as you ignore the final result:

  • The Bears losing another Super Bowl in Miami would be tough, but I certainly won’t complain about getting there. Time to start speaking an excellent 2019 into existence.
  • Holy smokes, the Browns were on the brink of something special:

  • A word to the wise: Be patient. Patience matters.
  • I’ll take my chances with the three long shots and hope for the best:

Author: Luis Medina

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