Love For Top Plays, NFC North's Best Cornerbacks, Howard's Slip, Cohen's Award, and Other Bullets

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Love For Top Plays, NFC North’s Best Cornerbacks, Howard’s Slip, Cohen’s Award, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Oh, Spice:

  • Kyle Long’s brother has some thoughts on this frigid Valentine’s Day:

  • I see no lies.
  • This is what it looks like when you show some love on Valentine’s Day:

  • I thought I was going to have a beef with No. 1, but to my surprise, I had no argument against it. We know how the second half of Khalil Mack’s debut played out, but remember all the good feelings you had when the Bears were up 17-0 against the Packers at halftime? Mitch Trubisky putting up a rushing TD on the offense’s first possession of the year and Mack getting a strip sack when the Packers were in the red zone were awe-inspiring moments for Bears fans who hadn’t seen such action from their team. Ah, memories. At least the Bears were able to use that loss as motivation that would push them to a 12-win season and a division title, but it shouldn’t stop there – should it? Here’s hoping the Bears can reach down and find those motivating factors again in 2019 that will lift them to new heights.
  • Notable omissions that didn’t make the cut: Nick Kwiatkoski scoring on a two-point conversion in Week 17 against the Vikings, Jordan Howard running angry against the Bills, Leonard Floyd intercepting a pass and turning it into a touchdown, and Mitch Trubisky throwing lasers to Allen Robinson.
  • Last season was fun. Let’s do it again … but without the whole kicking fiasco.
  • Nothing like a trip down memory lane on a Thursday:

  • YIKES! It’s unfortunate that Howard’s playoff showing was a microcosm of this grade from PFF. Because while Howard was able to hit holes and gain some yards, he left some big plays on the field when he was tripped up or unable to accelerate through the hole like he used to in his first two seasons. I don’t think Howard is done by any means. He proved late in the year how valuable he could be in multiple facets of the offense when given playing time. It’s just that it’s becoming more clear that the team should add to its stable of backs in an effort to create more mismatches.
  • I suppose Le’Veon Bell would be a dream addition, wouldn’t he?
  • On a more realistic free agent front, Bleacher Report’s Gary Davenport believes Bryce Callahan is the one free agent the Bears need to re-sign. Davenport sees the safety position manned by Adrian Amos as easier to find a replacement than the slot corner position where Callahan makes his home. GM Ryan Pace has done well drafting safeties in later rounds (Amos was a fifth-round pick, Eddie Jackson was a fourth-rounder) so I guess that is a place to put your optimism, should you choose to do so.
  • OK, I can see why Callahan could command some significant free agent dollars:

  • I’ve been seeing a fair share of Bears at the top of these highest-graded player lists that PFF has been rolling out there and I’m loving it.
  • There seemed to be some positive feedback regarding the idea of signing Tyrann Mathieu as a free agent from our wonderful readership. You guys seem to be open to new ideas, and that’s what I like about you folks the most!
  • Way to go, Tarik:

  • Try not to stink:

  • Excuse me?

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