Free Agent Hunting Season Is Upon Us and Other Bullets

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Free Agent Hunting Season Is Upon Us and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The first of my four fantasy baseball drafts is on Thursday and I have a ton of prep work to do I go on the clock holding the third overall pick. I don’t plan on trading up, but there are some guys who could be worth it to my team if I were to make that move.

  • This is all the motivation I needed to start my Monday:

  • Danny Trevathan is the most underrated Bears defender. He racks up tackles as he covers all sorts of ground, gets in the backfield and collects tackles-for-loss like it’s a hobby, can make plays on balls in the air, and even picked up some sacks and QB hits along the way. ANd yet, he flies under the radar because of all the other talent around him. Trevathan enters the final year of his contract having provided what was expected when he signed with the Bears in 2016 – strength and stability in the middle of the defense.
  • Trevathan signed a four-year deal worth $28 million that included $15.5 million in total guarantees. Player/organization/scheme fit matter. And Trevathan was the right player, at the right price, for the right team, in a perfect fit. Neither side could ask more out of a situation. There are times where the best move isn’t the one that makes the biggest splash or costs the most money. Keep that in mind as we enter the free agency period that opens up today with the “legal tampering’ period.
  • Speaking of money, the Bears moved some around and created a little bit more breathing room:

  • Using OverTheCap’s most recent estimation (as of the start of this post) and tacking on the $2.25 million created by the conversion of a roster bonus into a signing bonus on Eddie Goldman’s deal, the Bears now have $19,719,341 in available cap space. Every bit helps!
  • Free agency primers and storylines to keep an eye on (Tribune, Sun-Times, NBC Sports Chicago) give us an idea of what to look for as things open up today.
  • And with that, the Bears are no longer in the bottom-10 of tightest cap spots:

  • The folks at SB Nation’s NFL outfit have fixes for the biggest offseason needs for each of the NFL’s 32 teams. Surprisingly, the kicker needs take a back seat to other positions. Based on the advanced data used to analyze the Bears’ situation, the conclusion is that the Bears could use some fresh bodies and an upgrade at skill-position spots such as wide receiver and running back. There is also a suggestion to look into this year’s crop of free agent offensive tackles, even though the Bears already handled that issue by re-signing Bobby Massie.
  • In a free agency preview that’s more in line with our expectations,’s Chris Wesseling lists defensive back, running back, and kicker as the Bears’ biggest needs. Finding a starter to team with Eddie Jackson and/or a cornerback to fill the slot are at the top of Chicago’s offseason wish list. After that, rounding out the running backs room might look like a luxury, but it’s one of those needs that’s sneaky important. As for the kicker, well, we don’t really need to walk that beaten path once more – do we?
  • Something to root for if the Bears don’t bring back Adrian Amos:

  • Get that money, good sir!
  • And if it comes from an old friend in Vic Fangio, then everyone can get together for the reunion when these teams play this upcoming season:

  • The Cardinals didn’t treat the most important position in the game with much care last year:

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