Allen Robinson Was a King at Hauling In Contested Catches and Other Bullets

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Allen Robinson Was a King at Hauling In Contested Catches and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

After one day of basketball ridiculousness, I can see why Las Vegas is a destination for the first weekend of March Madness. Wall-to-wall hoops action that starts at 9 a.m. local time and doesn’t end for another 12 hours is borderline sensory overload.

So … let’s do it again today?

  • Allen Robinson put up modest numbers as the Bears’ top wide receiver option, though more production could still be on the horizon:

  • Robinson was a reliable target last year, but seeing stat serves as a reminder of how good he was in his first year with the Bears *despite* not hauling in eye-popping numbers when it came to catches and receiving yards. Extrapolate Robinson’s numbers from 2018 over a full 16-game schedule and we’d be talking about a guy coming off a 68-catch, 928-yard season in his first year coming off ACL surgery. That’s not bad by any stretch. Now that he gets a full offseason to work out instead of rehab, I’m curious to see how much better he can be in this offense because there is still so much untapped upside.
  • I hate that this catch came in a loss because it was overshadowed by so many things:

  • Well, this is certainly an interesting perspective:

  • When I saw the news of Justin Houston’s signing with the Colts (we discussed it here) cross the wire, my feelings landed somewhere between “bummed out” because the Bears missed out on a player who looked like an ideal fit to fill a need and “it’s not the end of the world” because, well, it wasn’t the end of the world. Chicago has an obvious need for a third pass-rushing outside linebacker, but having a “need” at a non-starter position isn’t anything worth losing sleep over. The positional depth chart features a star (hello, Khalil Mack!), solid starter (Leonard Floyd), young depth (Isaiah Irving), and a project (Kylie Fitts). What’s missing from this group is a player who has experience and upside, but doesn’t need guaranteed starter’s snaps. You know, someone like Aaron Lynch.
  • Perhaps Lynch’s return is closer now that one fewer team is in the market for his services. The Bears haven’t ruled out bringing him back, though there are still teams who could use him in a starter’s role (which Chicago obviously can’t guarantee). Lynch is at something of a crossroads where you could understand why he would want an opportunity for a larger snap share, but also could see him returning to a team like the Bears (or landing on a contending team) to be a perfect player to have rushing the passer in a pinch. We’ll continue to monitor his market as free agency continues.
  • It’s a shame the Bears can’t sign all the good players (thanks for nothing, salary cap!) in free agency, but we (as a collective) must keep in mind how active they were last year. Chicago’s free agency dive a year ago set up that team to win the division and has them in a spot to be competitive right now. Let’s not overlook that as we move along.
  • I’m warming up to the idea of Buster Skrine as the Bears’ nickel corner:

  • Maybe it’s because I have faith in the players around Skrine who will help mask his flaws. Perhaps I believe that Chuck Pagano will be able to tap into his roots as a secondary coach and get Skrine to play to the best of his abilities. The Bears are taking a leap of faith with a player who didn’t grade out all that well, but I doubt they went into this with a blindfold on hoping for the best.
  • Don’t you dare overlook this guy in the middle of the Bears’ defense:

  • Williams didn’t get to play much in 2018 because the other defensive linemen ahead of him on the depth chart stayed pretty healthy last year, but that doesn’t mean the Bears shouldn’t have quality depth players in case the team isn’t as fortunate in the year to come. I’m convinced there is no such thing as too much depth at the line of scrimmage.
  • Another ex-Bears lineman with Chiefs ties heads to Cleveland:

Author: Luis Medina

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