The Bears Have All the Good Vibes You Need Right Now and Other Bullets

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The Bears Have All the Good Vibes You Need Right Now and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Bears lost in their first trip to Wisconsin in 2018, but bounced back to win the division. And while I’m not saying the Cubs are a lock to follow that path, history has a funny way of repeating myself. Now if you’ll excuse me, Brett, Michael, and I need to discuss how Khalil Mack could be best deployed in the bullpen.

  • It’s beautiful:

  • Between the Cubs’ slow start and the end of an exasperating Bulls season, I’m pretty much at a point where I’m ready to embrace the Bourbonnais heat and welcome football season’s arrival. Unlike previous years when players were competing for roles on a rebuilding team to get a leg up on being in a good position when the team was competitive, the Bears are in a pretty good spot. There are still some battles to be won throughout areas of depth, but the group that has been assembled is quite solid. There are ultra-talented players throughout the roster and depth at several key areas. I don’t want to rush the process, but I do want to see how it all gels together. I know, I know. Patience is a virtue. But I’m itching and ready to roll.
  • But seriously, the Bears’ roster is loaded:

  • Seven Bears made the Pro Bowl in 2018, including four who were first-team All-Pros. Moving forward, the Bears have 15 other players who are basically starters and graded out as above average or better on Pro Football Focus’ grading scale. Imagine if quarterback Mitch Trubisky answers the bell, steps his game up and joins that group. Hope springs eternal around here, folks.
  • And to think, the Bears’ roster building isn’t even close to being complete. The draft is coming and more talent is going to be headed to Halas Hall.
  • I’d sign up for this:

  • David Montgomery happens to be one of my favorite running back prospects in this upcoming draft. The Iowa State product is one of the most versatile backs in his class because he can make an impact as a rusher and receiver out of the backfield. Naturally, he projects to land in the middle rounds of the draft – which potentially puts him right in the Bears’ wheelhouse.
  • If anyone could get all of these linemen on the field at the same time, it’s Matt Nagy … right?

  • Over at NBC Sports Chicago, John “Moon” Mullin re-visits the 2009 NFL Draft and explains how it provides a cautionary tale for the Bears as they approach the 2019 draft. If you’ll recall, it’s the draft in which the Bears didn’t have picks in the first two rounds because of the Jay Cutler trade and the team was unable to make the most of the picks it owned. The most memorable pick in that draft class was defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert, who is best known for being on video jumping out of a pool. It takes a unique amount of athleticism to do that, to be sure. But none of those athletic traits ever revealed themselves when he suited up for the Bears.
  • The thing is that draft also produced Henry Melton, a defensive tackle who was a Pro Bowler at his peak (but took three years to develop), wide receiver Johnny Knox (whose career was cut short due to a gruesome injury), and Lance Louis, who eventually became a starting caliber offensive lineman. But that draft class lacked immediate impact players, which is something the Bears should be looking for as they enter the draft. GM Ryan Pace has been successful at landing players in the middle and late rounds who immediately contribute. So if you want to hang your hat on something optimistic, remember this is the same front office that drafted Adrian Amos, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Bilal Nichols, and Eddie Jackson in the fourth round or later.
  • #BearsTwitter takes no offseason:

  • Bears history is unique as heck:

  • A Bears training camp/preseason standout has followed Vic Fangio to Denver:

  • Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time … a very long time:

  • I thought this ex-Bears backup was just following Adam Gase around. Instead, he has taken a visit with the Vikings:

Author: Luis Medina

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