Vic Fangio Is Kicking It Old School in Denver and Other Bullets

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Vic Fangio Is Kicking It Old School in Denver and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

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  • What’s old is new again in Denver:

  • Vic Fangio preparing his team by bringing back old-school tactics and perspectives is exactly what I expected. Frankly, I can’t see how it’s a bad thing. Fangio can’t run a 1960’s style training camp because the CBA doesn’t allow for it, but he can implement some of that style to help get players who stay in tip-top physical condition year-round into football shape. Because there is a difference between “in shape” and in “football shape.”
  • If whatever Fangio did to get the Bears’ defense up to speed can be applied to the other phases of the team, then the Broncos could be a team to watch out for in 2019. Bears fans were already keeping an eye on Fangio because he was a fan favorite, but the Bears play the Broncos this season, which gives us all the more reason to keep tabs on our favorite ex-coordinator.
  • There is a common belief that the Bears are due to slip because of Fangio’s departure, which has helped lead’s Gregg Rosenthal to put Chicago in “the crowded middle” of the NFC’s contenders. Why is it that the defense’s decline is assumed but improvement by the offense isn’t? Hold that thought. It might be a question that is more accurately answered at another time. Let’s circle back to how things could look grim without Fangio. Because to be fair, losing Fangio is a big deal. But retaining 9 of 11 starters is pretty important, too. And replacing those starters with seasoned NFL starters and not untested rookies shouldn’t be overlooked. I’d be worried if the Bears were turning to the draft to replace solid, reliable players on that defense … but that’s not the case.
  • Three All-Pros (Khalil Mack, Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson), a Pro Bowler (Akiem Hicks), and three Pro Bowl alternates (Danny Trevathan, Roquan Smith, Leonard Floyd) return from last year’s top-ranked defense. Let’s not lose sight of what the Bears are bringing back in 2019. And because they’ll be coached by a respectable defensive coordinator in Chuck Pagano, I’ll be genuinely surprise if this defense falters and has a major drop-off this coming season.
  • I’ve started to piece together a pre-draft depth chart in an attempt to have a better sense of the Bears’ needs going into draft weekend. One position that still gives me pause is at kicker. But no matter who the kicker is in 2019, the chances are good that they’ll have plenty of opportunities to put points on the board – especially if the Bears’ wide receivers step their game up. Over at the Bears’ official website, Larry Mayer discusses the high expectations the team’s group of wide receivers have going into the 2019 season. Allen Robinson was reliable and productive in his first season, and his postseason performance was everything anyone could have wanted it to be. And did we mention he played through fractured ribs? Because I feel like that’s worth mentioning.
  • Fresh faces and able bodies among the Bears’ collection of wideouts brought undeniable optimism among the fan base last summer. Because in addition to Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller sparked excitement with their speed and route-running capabilities. That the Bears aren’t completely leaning on Robinson to make all the plays is the ideological shift this position group has needed. The hopes are high because the group has several playmakers. And since opposing defenses can’t cover them all, someone is going to be open to make something happen. As long as Mitch Trubisky chooses wisely, this offense has a ton of untapped potential.
  • An offensive uprising could go a long way toward helping the Bears repeat as NFC North champions and go deeper into the playoffs. Just saying.
  • And let’s not forget this group is set to welcome Cordarrelle Patterson to the mix, too. Bears analyst Tom Thayer takes an in-depth look at Patterson’s film:

  • Clearance alert:

Author: Luis Medina

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