Matt Nagy Is Going Back to School and Other Bullets

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Matt Nagy Is Going Back to School and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

OK, the new Lion King trailer is legit:

I’m not a big movie-goer. Sitting by myself in a dark theater with over-priced popcorn and an inability to pause the movie because I want to grab a drink isn’t high on my to-do list. That I’m even considering seeing The Lion King in theaters is a small win for that trailer.

  • Some lucky college graduates are going to hear from the reigning NFL Coach of the Year on graduation day:

  • The University of Delaware announced Matt Nagy is this year’s commencement speaker. That’s a pretty big deal for those graduates and I’m genuinely happy for them.
  • There is something about going back to campus that brings back a flood of good feelings and even triggers some creative thoughts. Here’s hoping Nagy’s trip back to Delaware conjures up ideas for new plays he’ll run in special packages for the upcoming season.
  • Woah … The Bears have done very well late in the draft:

  • Drafting two starting safeties with 90 grades in the fourth and fifth rounds seems good. As does selecting a quality offensive lineman in the second round. Bilal Nichols is a sleeper who should only get better as he grows familiar with his role. It’s disappointing that none of the Bears’ first-round picks are the team’s highest-graded players from those classes, but the arrows are pointing up for quarterback Mitch Trubisky and linebacker Roquan Smith.
  • Marvin Hall, one of the Bears’ newest additions, is celebrating a birthday today. Let’s celebrate by checking out this fun graphic:

  • Having a(nother) legit burner is going to do wonders for this offense. I can feel it!
  • Now with that being said, Hall isn’t guaranteed a roster spot. Still, he is one of the most intriguing depth pieces on the roster heading into the 2019 season. Hall isn’t going to beat out Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, or Anthony Miller to crack the starting lineup and isn’t likely to surpass Cordarrelle Patterson on the depth chart either. But what Hall brings is an element of speed that could make him a more useful version of what Josh Bellamy was to last year’s Bears team. Hall has experience as a return specialist and as a core special teams player. I can’t wait to see how the Bears plan on utilizing Hall because he’ll have to play his way onto this roster.
  • The NFL released its preseason schedule yesterday, which features Vic Fangio’s Broncos playing the Falcons in the Hall of Fame Game. Fangio knows first-hand how much value that particular game has for evaluation purposes, specifically for depth players. You can check out the Bears’ preseason slate here.
  • When it comes to preseason nuggets and tidbits, this is worth noting:

  • If the Bears practice with the Giants this summer, it will set the two teams up to go up against each other four times in the last two seasons. That’s odd, isn’t it? Tack on a preseason game and practice in the summer to two regular season games (2018, 2019) and that should lead to a whole bunch of familiarity between both sides. That’s certainly different.
  • Because I like to root for schedules that allow me to travel places I haven’t been or would like to re-visit, I wish the Bears’ preseason game against the Titans would have been in Nashville. I enjoyed my last visit there and it’s a place I can talk my friends into taking a road trip without much bickering about the destination. Yours truly will try to drum up some interest in an Indy trip. Wish me luck!
  • The Bears tip their cap to a fan:

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