Bears as Must-See-TV, Rookie Contributions, Mack and Roquan Ready, Don't Be a Jerk Online, and Other Bullets

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Bears as Must-See-TV, Rookie Contributions, Mack and Roquan Ready, Don’t Be a Jerk Online, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The internet turned me into a meme, so I’m hoping that – in turn – we can raise some money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:

  • If the Bears are going to reach Super Bowl heights in 2019, their draft class must come through in a major way. Greg Gabriel (670 The Score) believes the Bears added several immediate contributors via the draft, which should go a long way toward helping the team reach its goals.
  • Runs like this from third-round running back David Montgomery will look good at the next level:

  • That’s a pro-style run on 4th-and-short from Montgomery. Legs don’t stop, tackles get broken, a fourth down gets converted into a first. Running backs who move the chains are worth their weight in gold.
  • These guys love working together on Sundays and I love watching them:

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These two on the field are ____________.

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  • In case you were wondering, that’s a combined 168 tackles, 18 tackles-for-loss, 23 quarterback hits, and 17.5 sacks. Be afraid, opposing quarterbacks. Be very, very afraid.
  • The Bears are must-see-TV, per Vegas handicappers:

  • It’s probably not a coincidence that the Bears are on the must-watch list and their power ranking is on the rise and comfortably, per analyst Elliot Harrison.
  • Seeing the most visible Bears reach out into the community is a wonderful thing:

  • You can never have enough tryouts:

  • I doubt that Corey Fatony (or anyone for that matter) is going to push Pat O’Donnell for his punting gig, but never say “never” … right? For what it’s worth, the Bears worked out Mitch Wishnowsky during the pre-draft process, so at least they kept their options open in that regard. The 49ers drafted Wishnowsky in the fourth round on Saturday, presumably because they expect to be punting a lot in 2019.
  • A word to the wise: If you’re going to follow Bears players (or any professional athlete) on social media, don’t be a jerk about it. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the Bears’ official Twitter feed shared the handles of each member of this draft class:

  • But seriously, don’t be a jerk to anyone online. Got it? Good.
  • Thanks for watching the draft with me:

Author: Luis Medina

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