You’re Not Tarik: Bears Kicker Backflips After Winning Competition

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You’re Not Tarik: Bears Kicker Backflips After Winning Competition

Chicago Bears

Casey Bednarski is one of the kickers at Halas Hall who is in town on a tryout basis and looking to make a name for himself in the wide-open Bears kicking competition. But before that, Bednarksi had a raised profile because of his post-kick shenanigans.


OK, that’s pretty neat. And based on how much celebrating the Bears did after scoring last season, I feel as if The Bednarksi Backflip would fit right in. HOWEVER, I’m not sure Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy approves:

In case you don’t get the reference or if your memories of Bill Gramatica aren’t as clear as they once were, here you go:

(Side note: That happened from 43 yards out? Oh, come on. That’s cruel. Why can’t we avoid that number?”)

“BE YOU” aren’t just two words printed boldly on Nagy’s play card.

More than that, “BE YOU” is the message passed down from the Chicago Bears’ head coach that is supposed to flow all the way down to the players. A locker room full of personalities on offense, defense, and special teams is going to have its share of characters. And as far as Nagy is concerned, the “BE YOU” mantra is supposed to push players to be real and be themselves.

But apparently, there are limitations.

Or maybe you shouldn’t do backflips unless you’re this guy:

Yeah … perhaps Bednarski needs to get on Tarik Cohen’s level before doing Cohen’s signature move.


(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Author: Luis Medina

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