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Mitch Trubisky Has Advice on the Bears’ Kicking Carnival, Some Hot Dog-Related Clarifications, And a Lot More

Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky has snack thoughts.

The Chicago Bears quarterback is the face of a new brand of snack called Gone Rogue Chips. Trubisky told he thinks this new wave of snacks would take off because “it has the fulfilling crunchiness of a chip, but it’s healthy like beef jerky because it has the 17 grams of protein per bag.” Informative, but also potentially yummy. I’ll have to try them for myself, I guess.

Trubisky he expanded on a several topics across various platforms, which are worth reading and listening to if your schedule permits. During an all-out media blitz talked shop with the folks at NBC Sports Chicago, the Dan LeBatard Show, Chi City SportsThe Athletic, ESPN 1000, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Rich Eisen Show, Pro Football Talk, the Dan Patrick Show, and seemingly anyone who was willing to hand him a microphone and telephone as during his promotional tour.

In the interest of time, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite quotes and provided some additional commentary. Enjoy!

Trubisky Still Motivated By Haters

Trubisky might spend the football season away from social media, but he has a long memory. We know that because he, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson reveled in proving draft-day critics wrong while living it up at the Pro Bowl. But despite his successful 2018 season, memories of critiques past keep him striving for greater things.

“It puts a chip on your shoulder. I know it did for me,” Trubisky said during his interview with PFT. “Everybody who doubted me and thought I didn’t deserve to be picked No. 2 overall, I think I’m still trying to prove those people wrong to this day.”

Looking Past One of College Sports’ Fiercest Rivalries to Share Some Friendly Advice

Trubisky discussed the critiques of his past through the lens of Daniel Jones’ being selected as a top-10 quarterback. Like Trubisky, Jones was picked to be the quarterback of the future in a major market where the spotlight is extra bright. And like the Giants’ choice of Jones, the Bears’ selection of Trubisky was met with all sorts of heat. So if anyone is well-positioned to talk about this, it’s probably Trubisky. So while Trubisky is a North Carolina product and Jones played his college ball at arch-rival Duke, the Bears’ quarterback reached across the aisle and shared some friendly advice on how to handle what can be an overwhelming onslaught of noise.

“Block out everyone on the outside. Block out the media, Twitter, everybody who’s hating on your situation, and trying to say that you don’t deserve it. When you get to the facility, it’s all about football.”

Trubisky has gone so far as to enact Zero Dark 10, turning off social media during the football season in order to focus on the game. It worked well enough last year. Even though Trubisky is more active this offseason than he had been before, I have a hunch he’ll go back to leaving social media in his dust.

Keeping an Eye on the Kicking “Spectacle”

Avoiding social media, traditional media, or any other types of communications would have been a good advice for Cody Parkey in the wake of his season-ending double-doink. Trubisky was wise enough to use the Bears’ early exit to go on vacation and press reset on the situation. But now that he’s back in football mode, Trubisky told the Sun-Times he has his eyes on the Bears’ carnival of kickers.

“The whole thing behind them has become a fascinating spectacle right now. That’s even what I’m interested in now. We’re gonna be out at practice, and I’ll be keeping track of who’s making and who’s missing and who’s winning the competition.”

The Bears are one set of cameras, a boom mic, and a handsome television host away from turning this into a full-blown reality TV thing. Eat your heart out, Hard Knocks!

Fueling the Fires of a Rumored Position Switch

Remember when Cody Whitehair’s snaps were a cause for concern? Or when it looked like James Daniels was a better center option last preseason? It’s OK if you don’t, but I felt the need to share those anecdotes as a reminder. Especially now after Trubisky tossed a bit of fuel to the fire surrounding rumors of a Whitehair-Daniels position switch.

In his interview with The Athletic, Trubisky talked about the potential ramifications of the move after talking to Whitehair and Daniels.

“(Whitehair’s) already bought into the idea that if and when they make that switch, he’s going to become a better guard and that’s going to be better for the team and his career, and then the same thing for James,” Trubisky explained. “He’s going to make the switch to center, more natural position for him, he played it in college, comfort level with that. If they swap positions and are better at those positions, that makes our offense better and their careers better. It’s positives all the way around.”

Trubisky really nailed those talking points. His comments are so on the nose, it makes me think it’s more of a “when” and less of an “if” Whitehair and Daniels change positions.

A Clarification of Jumbo-Sized Hot Dog Proportions

Much to the chagrin of any Chicago-based food aficionado, Trubisky announced that he puts ketchup on his hot dog. And while I never understood why anyone would use a dip as a condiment on a hot dog, it wasn’t enough to move me off the Trubisky bandwagon. In his interview with NBC Sports Chicago, Trubisky offered up a clarification for the situation.

“I actually haven’t had a Chicago-style hot dog,” Trubisky said. “I should’ve led with I haven’t had an actual hot dog in three to four years, the last time I had one I was probably a little kid or in high school and had ketch up on it. So I need to get it out there and clear it up so people aren’t mad at me for the hot dog answer.”

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, someone needs to get Trubisky a Vienna beef dog ASAP. Bonus points if he has it Lu-Style a.k.a. mustard, chopped onion, sport peppers, and a pickle.

Trubisky is Firmly on #TeamYoshi

On a lighter note, Trubisky opened up and shared he’s a Yoshi guy when playing MarioKart/Super Smash Brothers. But why?

“I don’t know. I just didn’t want to – it seems like everyone picks Mario and Luigi so I wanted to go for someone that nobody ever picks.”

Mitch Trubisky is a champion for the underdog. That’s why he is our quarterback.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.