Trubisky's Helping Hands, Zion's Amazing Throw, Pagano Love, and Other Bullets

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Trubisky’s Helping Hands, Zion’s Amazing Throw, Pagano Love, and Other Bullets

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Thumbing through Facebook’s “memories” page led to a rush of feels as I looked through things that happened on Mother’s Days past. Like the time we had a day at the casino because that’s what she wanted. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so this is my last reminder for you to do something nice for her. She deserves it.

  • Zion Williamson is projected to be the No. 1 overall pick in next month’s NBA Draft (c’mon, Bulls!) but maybe he should’ve gone first in last month’s NFL Draft:

  • I’m starting to think the New York Giants drafted the wrong Duke hot-shot prospect. I mean, check out the arm. And the effortlessness in that throw? That’s the stuff quarterback dreams are made of right there.
  • Alright, so I totally understand why no team selected Williamson in the NFL Draft. The NFL’s draft eligibility rules are different than that of the NBA, and Williamson was not draft eligible by those rules. But wouldn’t it have been fun had it happened? I got a kick out of the Padres drafting Johnny Manziel a few years ago knowing darn well the Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t playing baseball, so why not re-live that magic? If anything, it would have been fun just to have the conversation. How high would he go? What position would he play? Is he a pass-rushing edge defender? A franchise quarterback protector at left tackle? A mismatch “move” tight end? Some hybrid position that has yet to be created? The possibilities could have been endless.
  • Just think about how the Bears could have used him? Oh, what could have been …
  • Even without Zion Williamson, I would say Mitch Trubisky’s future is … in good hands:

  • There isn’t any debate about how much better Bears receivers were in 2018 compared to any other year of the Ryan Pace era. But if there was a debate, the embedded stat above should put an end to it. Trubisky’s pass-catchers were reliable, which is more than what they had been in when he was a rookie. Receivers with soft hands helped Trubisky grow exponentially last season by simply not dropping catch-able passes. What a concept!
  • I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Alex Smith (who often comes up as a comp for Trubisky) and Nick Foles (who played in an offensive similar to the one Trubisky runs now) were also at the top of PFF’s list. Trubisky, Smith, and Foles each have similar skills and traits. We know each has his own flaws, but have also seen all three excel within the confines of playing within themselves.
  • Simple thought: If Trubisky can throw more catch-able balls, then we’ll see him take another giant step forward in his development. Get it done, guy.
  • *Cackles in Sith*

  • Research helps save lives, so it’s good to see this cause get strong support from the Bears in Indianapolis:

  • Larry Mayer ( has more on Pagano’s return to Indianapolis for the Thursday night gala. It’s pretty awesome that Pagano was joined by a strong Bears traveling party that included Chairman George McCaskey, GM Ryan Pace, Head Coach Matt Nagy, and other staffers.
  • Naturally, Pagano definitely appreciated the gesture: “It just speaks to the character and the class of the McCaskey family, Ryan Pace and coach Nagy. For them to make this trek down, it’s not an easy ride. We’re right in the middle of the offseason program, so it would have been real easy not to do it. For them to take the time to buy a table and donate to such a great cause – not only from a financial standpoint but the group that came down – it’s very humbling I’m just blown away by it. It just speaks to the family and what they stand for.”
  • I can’t stress it enough, but there are some things that are bigger than football.
  • This is where the fun begins:

  • Snaps on snaps:

  • I don’t miss the Bears being on this list:

  • OK, this *IS* weird:

Author: Luis Medina

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