Davis' Mother's Day Surprise, More Montgomery, Philly's Doink With Destiny, and Other Bullets

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Davis’ Mother’s Day Surprise, More Montgomery, Philly’s Doink With Destiny, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

As someone who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones on HBO, I’m glad to not be among the many who are mad/upset/disappointed with the show’d direction in its final season. To invest time, energy, and emotion into something bigger than you, only to have it end in disappointing fashion has to be disheartening – even if it’s just a TV show.

  • This is what happens when you spend all winter making double-doink jokes:

  • How many doinks was that, Philly?
  • You might be familiar with the only other time a buzzer-beating, series-clinching shot was drained:

  • New Bears running back Mike Davis did something awesome for his mom on Mother’s Day:

  • The man surprised his mother with a new house on Mother’s Day. But let’s take a moment to think of all the things that led up to this moment. The sacrifices she had to make as a parent. The things he had to do in order to get to college, then to the NFL, and eventually a spot with the Bears where he signed a lucrative free-agent contract. Now, we’re seeing the sharing of a wonderful, heart-warming gift that was years and years in the making. And while we weren’t privy to was all the things that happened behind the scenes to get to that specific instance, you can tell it meant the world to everyone involved. What a wonderful time for Davis and his family. I’m very happy for them.
  • With every stat that crosses in front of my nose, I get that much more psyched to see what David Montgomery can do for this Bears offense:

  • Alvin Kamara has been a star since being selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Adding Kamara to Drew Brees’ backfield brought elements to that offense it didn’t have with Mark Ingram and helped take that group to another level. With Ingram gone, Kamara still figures to be an impact player and could even get some more touches in the season to come. Sony Michel had a solid rookie season and was a key cog in the Patriots’ Super Bowl title. To be in this company feels like a really good sign for Montgomery and the Bears.
  • It is worth noting where the Patriots and Saints were in their competitive arc when they drafted their young, stand-out backs. Both teams were in competitive windows with well-balanced rosters, but needed a different dynamic for their respective offenses. Neither team used a premium pick to add to their offense. New England used their second first-round pick (31st overall) to snag Michel, while New Orleans used a third-rounder to take Kamara. Sure, the Saints traded future considerations to draft Kamara and there are some who don’t love their constant push up draft boards and constant sacrifices for the future. But ask your self if you’d rather have two-time Pro Bowler Alvin Kamara or the 229th overall pick in the 2017 draft (Adrian Colbert) and the 59th pick in the 2018 draft (which was subsequently traded and used by Washington to draft Derrius Guice)? Frankly, that’s an easy decision to make.
  • No, it’s not lost on me that the other similarity between the Saints is that they have Hall of Fame quarterbacks leading the way. And no, Mitch Trubisky isn’t on that level. But the way the Bears have built their offense around Trubisky says a lot about what they think his ceiling is. No Bears quarterback has been surrounded by this kind of firepower, which means it will soon be time for Trubisky to take advantage of it. You’re up, kid.
  • As someone who was one class short of having a poetry minor in college, I feel like I have the authority to co-sign Khalil Mack’s love for this poem and give it an A+ grade:

  • A great set of Deals of the Day today at Amazon, including grills and pressure cookers for those of us who like to throw down when it’s meal time.
  • Here is a nice reminder not to get too attached to the undrafted free agents signed by the Bears this spring:

  • The offseason roster-churn never ends. If you’d like to know more about Princeton tight end Jesper Horsted, we’ve got you covered here.
  • Over on the baseball side, the Cubs took two of three from the Brewers to stay atop the NL Central. A big reason why? Javier Baez, of course:

Author: Luis Medina

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