At Least the Bears Still Have Good Things Going For Them and Other Bullets

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At Least the Bears Still Have Good Things Going For Them and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Bulls totally got doinked by the lottery balls last night. And it was held in Chicago? Ugh, that made it that much crueler than it needed to be. Over at Talkin’ Toros, we shared our raw emotions as it rolled out.

Frankly, I’m still at a loss for words:

  • At least the Bears *and* Cubs still have positive vibes surrounding them. That’s good, right?
  • If you want to feel good about something, how about this: Mitch Trubisky’s 72.9 percent adjusted completion percentage on third down ranked as the seventh best in football last year. SEVENTH. BEST. And those numbers include regular-season and postseason play. When you’re sitting in the top-10 on a list that Drew Brees leads, it’s easy to feel good.
  • Digging into some more Mitch-related third-down numbers, I did not realize that he converted first downs on 44.9 percent of his third-down pass attempts last season. That ranked as the eighth-best percentage in the league. Patrick Mahomes (51.6 percent) checks in at No. 1, but you’ll also find Andrew Luck (3rd, 49.4 percent), Matt Ryan (4th, 48.6 percent), Jared Goff (6th, 46.0 percent), Drew Brees (9th, 44.4 percent), and Ben Roethlisberger (43.0 percent) in the top-10. So long as Trubisky continues to put himself in good company when it comes to stats like this, we’ll continue to ride the positive waves and dream on him taking another forward stride in his development this coming season.
  • Trubisky posted a 112.0 passer rating and completed 72.5 percent of his passes when targeting Trey Burton last year, and has been generally solid when throwing to his tight end targets. However, the overall production from the group left something to be desired. Perhaps undrafted rookie free agent signing Dax Raymond could help matters:

  • Prior to the draft, I probably would have rolled my eyes had you suggested Raymond was going to end up with the Bears as an undrafted free agent because I felt as if he was going to get scooped up in the later rounds. But other teams passing on him might turn out to lead the Bears to a gem. Raymond is an athletic player with pass-catching potential, but there is still work to be done as a blocker and elsewhere in his game. Tight ends develop differently than other positions because of their responsibilities. There is also no one way to get the tight end – whomever it may be – up to speed quicker than usual. The Bears need to exercise patience, but also need to push for that group to be better as a whole.
  • Let’s put ourselves in a good mental space and enjoy Spice Adams doing Spice Adams things as we gear up for the #Bears100 celebration coming in June:

  • If you look hot, wear it. Way to rock it, James. And shout out to Jake Tolander for doing something cool! That memory should last for a good long time.
  • PFF Fantasy notes that Jordan Howard was the dude in the red-zone. He had 34 touches (tied-11th), 107 yards (8th), 9 touchdowns (tied-5th), and 5 missed tackles forced (tied-9th). The Bears are certainly going to miss that production, but it’s quite possible the team can replicate that production with David Montgomery (and to a lesser extent, Mike Davis). We have previously discussed the elusiveness Montgomery, Davis, and even Tarik Cohen possess. It’s not a coincidence that those three have that one thing in common.
  • Keep fighting for good causes, you guys:

  • Gunther Cunningham, a long-time NFL defensive mastermind who was among the handful of candidates who interviewed for the Bears’ head-coaching gig in 1999, passed away last weekend. May his family and friends find peace at this time when grief can be overwhelming.
  • In addition to his defensive wizardry, Cunningham also engineered one of my favorite coach quotes ever. In Week 1 of the 1999 season, Cunningha was the Kansas City Chiefs head coach going up against Dick Jauron. The battle of first-year head coaches was highlighted by Jauron’s Bears putting up 20 first-half points with OC Gary Crowton – a successful and (at the time) innovative – offensive guru dialing up all sorts of chicanery to get Chicago’s offense going. And Cunningham was not impressed: “They play razzle-dazzle football. But after you get used to it, once you see it on film, once a game’s played like this, now you know what they’re all about. It’s not confusing.”
  • Gotta give credit where it’s due: Gunther Cunningham absolutely nailed it. Because not only did the Bears offense score 0 points in the second half, Crowton’s “razzle-dazzle” fizzled out and he lasted just two years running the Bears’ offense.
  • Reading Fred Mitchell at the Tribune with more on that game really takes me back.
  • This was a good pull by the NFL Films crew:

  • In the Cubs’ world, Albert Almora can catch. Should someone get him a tryout among Bears receivers?

Author: Luis Medina

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